Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Developer: Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Developer: Ndemic Creations

Plague Inc
Ndemic Creations
Android, iOS, PC, Steam, Linux
The ultimate virus simulator. It's so realistic that the Chinese government didn't want their own citizens playing it. Formulate your virus, infect the population, upgrade it using DNA points, and take over the world.. or destroy it basically.

Plague Inc Guide Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 14 Mar, 2020

1. The Basics of Plague Inc

Plague Inc started life as a flash game that allowed you to test your strategy in designing and controlling a bacteria or virus as you attempt to wipe out all of humanity. Now that game has evolved into something much bigger, with multiple genes and diseases to play, and a console/PC release entitled Plague Inc: Evolved. The game is so realistic, the CDC uses it for simulations. Plus recently China banned the game so citizens could not play it. Follow our guide to help you develop the biggest and baddest virus in the history of mankind. Plague Inc Screenshot 1

2. Genes and Diseases

Genes are here for you to empower your pathogen in different ways, or weaken it for that matter. Genes can give your virus different boosts in transmission and other factors, while also allowing you to restrain it enough that it doesn’t get out of control. They affect the disease and the way your game develops. Remember, while you want to infect the population, if you kill too much of the population too early it will speed up development of a cure. We need not list out all the genes and diseases that are available to you, instead, find one disease that will suit you and help you select genes that will suit the disease and situation the most. There are tons of different diseases to choose from. We can easily split the available genes into the vanilla ones and custom ones. There is a group of genes available for the standard, vanilla diseases that can be used for Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Neurax Worm, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, Bio-Weapon. The second group of the DLC diseases also include a completely new set of genes – that is the Shadow Plague, Necroa Virus and Simian Flu, the recreation of Planet of Apes. It’s insanely fun developing a virus that turns people into vampires… and zombies!

3. Best Genes

ATP Boost and Cytochrome Surge are easily the most useful and handy genes from the first selection. ATP boost provides starting DNA that you use to develop your traits. It goes well with any disease, most well it binds with the Shadow Plague, if you need to apply a certain strategy that requires you to get necessary traits as soon as possible. Cytochrome Surge, just as ATP Boost, can be used with any disease but the main difference is that it’s more of a long-run investment as you get slightly more DNA from popping the occasional orange bubbles. Another great choice is Aquacyte and Suppression. Aquacyte is often the ideal choice because your starting country for most diseases will likely be Saudi Arabia and given the amount of ships it sends out, it greatly benefits from pairing with Aquacyte. Suppression is generally also helpful, especially on the Shut Down Everything scenario, where you need a little help to cross closed borders. Plague Inc Screenshot 2

4. Best Diseases

Bacteria is the basic plague, not carrying any particular downside or pros. You are required to infect everyone and then increase lethality in order to win and kill everyone off. It’s a great starting point. The Neurax Worm is without a doubt the easiest plague to win with. It’s based on infecting the mind and can remain within its hosts undetected. Also produces Trojan Planes, enabling you to infect any place in the world once a while. You can win either by infecting everyone or killing everyone off. Lastly Bio-Weapon is yet another very aggressive disease that has increased lethality that gradually increases with every ingame day. Your task is to slow down its lethality potential and spread it as fast as possible before it kills off its hosts. It’s best to start in rich countries as it has higher infectivity there. The Shadow Plague is probably the most fun to play. Instead of controlling a pathogen, you get to control a vampire whose task is to infect the world. It’s quite tricky to play at highest difficulties and under conditions that limit you in some scenarios. Plague Inc Screenshot 3

5. DLC, Purchases, Oh My!

While the in-app purchase system of Plague Inc might seem complex, it’s really not. Everything can be unlocked in the game by simply playing the game through, and beating each diseases at various difficulties. But if you’d prefer to advance and unlock faster, or need a heads up with new genes you can pay a small amount to unlock them. The core vanilla diseases offer some slight changes, but the special DLC infections really allow you to play the game a different way and experience it like never before.

Final Word

If you follow our guide you’ll be successfully destroying humanity in no time! Now get ready to infect.

Launch Video

Overall Tips

  • Use DNA points to upgrade virus
  • Choose the best disease for your play style
  • Unlock genes as you play

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