Survive rooms full of evil robots in ‘Platform Panic’!

Platform Panic

by: Nitrome
Platform Panic is a nice 2D adventure with random generated rooms that will keep you dodging eveil robots, missiles, lasers and more sci-fi dangers. Collect every coin in all rooms and unlock all characters in this pixelated free platfomer.


Gameplay 80%

Platform Panic is a platformer adventure divided in rooms, and it works just like classic 2D games where the objective is to survive as long as possible. The character walks automatically, and you can only change the direction is going, left or right, and jump. Platform Panic Screenshot 1   Every room follows the same gameplay. You enter, from a door, passage or fall down from above, and you must find the exit. Along the way you’ll encounter evil robots trying to take you down, laser guns, missile launchers, wheels with spikes on them and other dangers you have to avoid. There are coins scattered around the levels you can collect, and exchange for extra lives to continues when you lose, or buy new characters, like a knight wielding a sword and shield (but can’t attack or defend).

Graphics 84%

Platform Panic features nice 16-bit style pixel art. Characters look colorful and have nice animation, and there are some elements such as Tank Robots, which walk around in to legs, and then transform into a mini tanks with a caterpilar track and siren lights when they see you, which is a very good detail. Platform Panic Screenshot 2   The backgrounds look good, but most of them are very dark, and show very little color, like the screenshot above that’s just black and purple, like an alternative VirtualBoy. Still, they fit the game and its cybernetic atmosphere perfectly, and there’s so much veriety in the room designs, that sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a segment walking around because your looking at the funny details and easter eggs hidden in the backgrounds, as it’s usual in Nitrome Games.

Production Quality 70%

The idea behind Platform Panic is good, a 2D adventure of random generated rooms, and it’s entertaining for casual players looking for a free platformer, but in execution, you’ll get bored after a while because you only walk and jump. Platform Panic Screenshot 3   You can’t attack enemies by jumping on them, or get weapons or any kind, and you can only collect coins. If you’re a fan of classic games such as Mario and Sonic, the lack of interaction will stop being interesting after a few tries. Retro game enthusiasts may give it a try for quite a few minutes just to appreciate the art style and chiptune music, but the overall experience won’t keep a player hooked for very long.

Value for your Money 80%

Platform Panic is free to play on Google Play and the App Store, and there’s a web version you can try out if you’ll like to try it out on your web browser, but of course you’ll see an ad everytime you die, and that can be pretty often depending on how good you’re at the game.

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Platform Panic is a fun pixelated adventure, for a while. It features nice looking 16-Bit graphics and music, but it’s simple gameplay mechanics just don’t make you keep playing, it lacks interaction and more complex gaming like in classic console platformers, but still, it’s worth trying out if you’re looking for a good looking casual 2D free title. Pros
  • Nice Pixel Art style and Chiptune Music
  • Random Generated Levels to keep things fresh
  • Many characters to unlock
  • You’re limited in moves, and the lack of interaction can get boring compared to classic platformers

Game Help Guru Rating 82%


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