PlayStation 4 Slim Reportedly Surfaces


Reports of a new slim model of the PlayStation 4 are surfacing.

  In surprising news, multiple media outlets are reporting that an online auction site had a PlayStation 4 “slim” model for sale. It was a redesigned, smaller model of the already popular console. Below is a picture of the box, with the listing on the auction site already deleted.   Is this the PS4 Slim?   In September Sony is holding it’s PlayStation event, where news regarding the PS4 Neo is supposed to be revealed. Now with what looks to be a slimmer model of the PS4, we might be seeing more than just the Neo.   All of this is just speculation, with that image as the only proof. Many are speculating there is a media embargo on any official announcements on the main media outlets, but we’ll find out soon enough.   More to come as any news breaks.  


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