+9 God Blessing Knight - Cash Knight (1000542): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
+9 God Blessing Knight - Cash Knight
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+9 God Blessing Knight - Cash Knight: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

The Brand New Idle RPG!! ** A SERIES OF THE NEWEST WEAPONS ** ** VARIOUS ARMOR!! MORE AMAZING AND POWERFUL SKILLS ** The skills are very various and amazing!! It's hard to explain in words. But the Armor can't make the hero invisible or laser man.^^;; ** THE SOUL WEAPON!! POWER-UP THE SOUL!! ** Beyond the normal idle RPG!! Power-up, combination and upgrade weapon!! Make your hero as the world’s greatest warrior on PVP with the legendary level of Soul Weapons. ** STRATEGIC PET SYSTEM ** There are a lot of fun with choice. Create your own strategy with your unique pet. ** THE HONOR POINTS BETTER THAN GEMS!! ** You can be the honorary knight through rebirth. You can do very precious things with the Honor Point which you can get after becoming the honorary knight. The Honor Point is even incomparable with Gems. Get the Honor Point as many as you can!! ** THE HONORARY RINGS ONLY FOR THE HONORARY KNIGHT!! ** The first reason why you must get the Honor Point!! It makes me much stronger and rich with the mysterious power!! , my pets much powerful with rings !! And..there are more things with rings.. I strongly recommend you to equip Rings!! ** VARIETY CONTENTS !! ** A series of contents without rest like Soul Dungeon, Memory Dungeon, Infinite Dungeon, Boss Dungeon and PVP!! ** ADDICTIVE!! YOU CAN NOT NEVER STOP! ** You don't need to tap and control continuously but you can never stop! c** COMMUNICATION WITH USERS ** We'll do our best to make the game which is always with users~ You can communicate with us through Facebook and email^^
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
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