Pocket City

Pocket City

Developer: Pocket City

Pocket City

Pocket City

Developer: Codebrew Games

Pocket City
Codebrew Games
Android, iOS
Build the city of your dreams with no microtransactions in the best city building game on Android and iOS.

Pocket City Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 21 Dec, 2019

1. The Basics of Pocket City

City building games have always been a fun way to pass the time, and unlock the inner mayor and city planner that lives inside all of us. These same games can also unlock our inner madman as we unleash havoc upon our poor helpless citizens. Sim City first gave us that opportunity to build the city of our dreams, and then crush it under the weight of a massive alien monster in Sim City 2000, or unleash the wrath of mother nature in any of the many instalments in the long running series. Unfortunately the mobile ports of Sim City have been lackluster at best, and suffer from a stream of microtransactions. Enter Pocket City. A game that attempts to bring the fun of the city building genre to mobile, without dreaded microtransactions. You are free to build the city you want, and run it however you see fit. Follow our guide below to build (or ruin) your perfect city. Pocket City Screenshot 1

2. Standard Mode vs Sandbox Mode

Pocket City has two different gameplay modes. Standard plays out like your typical city building game, while sandbox unlocks everything from the start. With sandbox, you’ll have unlimited resources and funds, with no construction time in between builds. With standard, you’ll unlock new buildings as you play. You’ll also need to watch your budget.

3. Disasters

Be sure to build as many fire stations and police stations as possible. You’ll need their help in the event of the game’s many natural disasters. An interesting gameplay element is that you yourself can play god and trigger your own disaster, which will earn you XP and aid money that you can use to rebuild portions of your city. Pocket City Screenshot 2

4. Treasure Chests and Quests

When buying parcels of land, some land comes with treasure chests. These chests open when you buy the land, and can contain helpful things inside. Some chests have money that you can use to further improve your city. Others have new structures that will unlock for you to build while in standard mode. You can also play quests and participate in events to unlock more things and further grow your city. Pocket City Screenshot 3

5. Keep your Citizens Happy

Keeping your citizens happy is one of the key elements of Pocket City. You’ll need to build plenty of parks and greenspace so citizens have someplace to go after a long day. Parks will also help lower and keep pollution down. Your citizens will also complain about heavy traffic, so you need to make sure you are planning roads, highways, and public transit accordingly to prevent traffic congestion. Listen to what your citizens are saying by paying attention to their speech bubbles.

Final Word

Lastly, be sure to upgrade your buildings. If you upgrade your fire department for example, you’ll unlock a helicopter that can be used to quickly put out fires. Follow our guide and you’ll be a fantastic mayor in no time.

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Overall Tips

  • Be sure to build fire and police stations
  • Upgrade buildings
  • Earn resources by triggering disasters

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