Pokemon Go has Launched on Apple Watch


Now you can feed your Pokemon-addiction right from your wrist.

  Niantic’s ever-popular Pokemon Go is now available for download on Apple Watch. Players can use Pokemon Go on the watch to discover Pokemon around them, find and use PokeStops, and collect items. Pokemon cannot be caught through the watch.   On the upside, players can be notified about nearby Pokemon via the watch app, and catch the actual Pokemon on their iPhone.     The watch app has similar function to the Pokemon Go Plus bracelet. For those who already own an Apple Watch, have an iPhone, or just prefer a screen: the Pokemon Go watch app might be a better fit than the Go Plus.   The core gameplay can still only be found on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. But to fully immerse yourself in the experience of playing the game, the watch app or the Go Plus are the perfect additions.   Now trainers have multiple ways to fully engulf themselves in the Pokemon world like never before.    


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