Pokemon GO: The Latest Mobile Craze


Nintendo and Niantic’s gamble pays off: Pokemon GO soars to #1 on both App Stores.

  Pokemon GO brings people to police stations to catch a Mewtwo. Pokemon GO brings people to your small business because it’s a PokeStop with free potions and PokeBalls. Pokemon GO recently made headlines because someone found a real-world dead body while randomly hunting virtual Pokemon with their phone. Pokemon GO makes us get out, explore the real-world, while immersing ourselves in a fantasy world.   This is why Pokemon GO is the next mobile craze.   Pokemon GO Gameplay Gameplay screenshots of Pokemon GO.   Over the last few days there have been more Pokemon GO articles than Star Wars articles on the web. There are multiple “let’s play” videos on YouTube featuring Pokemon GO with over one million viewers each. That is something you never can usually say about a mobile game designed for smartphones. Nintendo and developer Niantic have broken new ground. The game isn’t perfect, no one knows how long it will last, but for now.. it’s making waves like no other mobile game before it.   Pokemon GO running on phones along with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory Pokemon GO running on phones along with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory.   One could argue Pokemon GO is what many have hoped for: a game that gets you out of the house, and socially involved. It’s true you can play the game at home, but that isn’t going to net you the easiest path to success or give you the intended experience. In fact, I personally hope the developers make it easier for players in rural areas or easier for those who can’t roam around their neighborhood. But one thing is for sure: if you see a grown man walking around the woods, holding up his cellphone while nearing a cliff.. he may just be catching Pokemon.     Nintendo is taking a huge risk. Safety concerns are abound. This is by no means an easy money-maker for the gaming giant. But, with Nintendo’s stock soaring, and Pokemon GO growing in popularity.. the sky is the limit. But how high can this mobile wonder soar?  


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