Pre-Registration has Begun for Super Mario Run on Android


Get registered to get the game first.

  Despite numbers that are both massive (90 million iOS downloads) and dismal (3 million actual purchases), Nintendo is looking forward to launching Super Mario Run on Android later this year.     The Android version will be the same as the iOS version. A few levels will be free to play, with a one-price payment to unlock the rest of the game. You will also be required to be connected to the internet to play.   To signup to be notified and pre-register, head to the Google Play Store.   Despite being one of the top mobile downloads of 2016, Super Mario Run isn’t a “home run” for the gaming giant. Nintendo needs to see more profit from their first real adventure into the smartphone/tablet gaming world. Maybe their passage onto Android will prove profitable.   Right now an actual Android release date hasn’t been set yet. More to come.  


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