PUBG Mobile: Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide to Conquer the Battleground

PUBG Mobile

by: PUBG Corporation
        PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the ever popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The very game that made the battle royale shooter format a mainstay in gaming. Follow our guide to ensure your winner winner chicken dinner!


1. Choose your Landing Spot Carefully

        When it comes to any battle royale game (especially PUBG), your landing spot is key. You want to make sure you land in an area with a vast amount of loot, while also not being surrounded by other players early on. The military base, power plant, or the various major towns in the original map of Erangel tend to spawn the best weapons and loot. But the problem is that these areas can also be a target for many players. It can be wise to land near these locations, so you can scout and check for other players before storming in to go loot hunting. Also keep an eye on other players when you are still in the air to see where the majority of them are landing.PUBG  

2. Stock Up on Loot

        Remember that once you die in PUBG, that’s it. You are finished. It’s crucial to stock up with the best loot while you can. Even while fighting off other players always be on the look out for loot that can help keep you alive the longest. If you are a loner on the map and tend to avoid fire, this is also a very good strategy. Stockpile on the goods so when the map starts to shrink, you’ll be ready.PUBG Screenshot 2  

3. Don’t Shoot Randomly

        It might be tempting to blow away an enemy in the distance when you spot them and they clearly haven’t spotted you. But be careful. It might be best to wait until you are in firing distance, and you can sneak up on them. If you are too far away, you could miss your target and instead alert them to your presence.

PUBG Screenshot 3  

4. Keep An Eye on the Map

         It can be argued that other players aren’t your biggest enemy in PUBG. Instead, the map itself is actually the biggest thing you need to worry about. It’s crucial that you keep an eye on the minimap and watch as the map slowly begins decreasing in size. You should always stay on the outer rings on the map, and always within enough distance to be within the cleared section as the map shrinks smaller and smaller.PUBG Screenshot 4  

5. Cars, Cars, and Cars

        If you need to get around the map fast to pick up some new loot, or escape sudden death, you can’t travel any faster than in a car. You can also use a car to camp out and watch the action as others fight it out, all while traveling to safer sections of the map. Beware, you can easily die in a car too, but the added protection and speed is well worth it.        There are many ways to win in PUBG Mobile. But if you follow our tips, you’ll be the king of the battleground and the sole survivor. Good luck!

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