Punch and kick your way through 12 action-packed stages in this epic, old-school brawler: Dan The Man

Dan The Man

by: Halfbrick Studios
This legendary game dials back to gaming’s retro roots to bring you an action platformer brawler that you’d swear you’ve played in the old arcade! So download now and take control of the legendary (and often inappropriate hero) … Dan the Man!


Gameplay 88%

Dan The Man is an action adventure game where a Martial Arts Master must save the world from an evil organization, by punching and kicking them into all its members oblivion. By fighting enemy soldiers and their giant robots, you’ll level up your Karate Skill and learn more deadly techniques, improving yourself as a fighter. In your quest you can also collect coins and find secret treasure to buy costumes, weapons, health and new moves.   You have arrows on the bottom left right of the screen to move around, and the action buttons are on the right. A fist icon for attacking and an up arrow to jump. When you get a projectile weapon such as a ninja star, knives or guns, a new crosshair icon appears so you can throw the blade or shoot until you spend all your ammunition. Like classic beat ’em ups, all levels are about going all the way to the right until you reach the end, which every 3 levels ends in a boss fight. In some sections, the screen will stop scrolling, and you’ll have to defeat all the soldiers so you can keep advancing. Along the way, you can also collect coins floating around or hidden in boxes. You also get coins when you defeat enemies, and you spend them in stores where you can buy food to replenish your health, throwable weapons and ammo for your guns. Between levels, you can also spend coins to get new moves or improve the ones you have. There’s a powerful charge attack you activate by keeping the attack button pressed, two new aerial move, a wrestling throw, a spirit ball you can launch with your hands and much more. Besides Dan, you can play as her girlfriend, as Barry from Jetpack Joyride, or create your own custom character. Each of them has unique skills and you level them up separately; and there are tons of costumes and accesories you can use to create your own fighter.

Graphics 88%

Dan The Man features 2D pixel art, and overall goes for a 16-Bits look, like a retro brawler from the time when this genre was the hype at the arcades. The characters have a cartoon style, they look kind of chubby and have big heads but little body.   The backgrounds aren’t very complex, but they’re bright and colorful, and you can tell what are platform and what are just elements of the scenery. There are many layers scrolling when you move to give the effect of depth, but sometimes the back ones are just silhouettes of a single dark color with no details. The animation is prettu good, the characters are expressive, and there are giant robots with lots of moving parts that look quite cool. The guns firing, explosions and karate spirit balls attacks look pretty good, and it’s always fun to see enemies flying across the screen when you hit ’em.

Production Quality 94%

As a modern brawler, Dan The Man takes the best of the genre and perfectly adapts it into a mobile title, with everything that makes a Beat ’em Up and a Platformer fun.   There are many levels to play in the main adventure, plus a challenge mode that’s sure to keep you busy in arenas where you have to survive waves and waves of enemies. What’s interesting here, is how you can create and customize your own fighter. There are tons of options to make your own hero, learn moves, level the up, and purchase or find in treasure chests unique items to equip. You will find one of the most deep “Create your Character” mechanics in this game.

Value for your Money 85%

Dan The Man is free on iTunes and Google Play, but you will have to watch a video ad in order to save your game at a check point, or obtain some gifts in the levels. Also, before being able to play a new level, you need to see an ad. This can get pretty bothersome and it does interrump what could be a great and flawless gaming experience.

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Dan The Man is a great Beat ’em Up platformer that does a great job at bringing back this genre from its old Arcade glory days. The controls are perfect for a mobile device and the gameplay is sure to be loved by old school action sidescrollers. Even if you haven’t tried a similar game, give this title a chance, it’s very entertaining to create your own character, and see a boy in shark costume performing the dragon punch on soldiers with bazookas.

Game Help Guru Rating 90%


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