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Puzzles is an old and enthralling game, which doesn't lose it's popularity for a long time. Game's purpose is quite simple: player has to collect a picture using small its parts. Their shape and number may be various. There are some very easy puzzles, which can be completed for a few minutes, but for some others you have to give more time. Game's features : •Puzzles; •80 beautiful pictures; •10 different categories; •Puzzles of 56 pieces; •Puzzles of 100 pieces; •Pleasant music. In a game "Puzzles" you'll find a lot of pictures for any taste and can collect them. The game menue represents different categories: dogs, vegetables, ships, children, landscapes, fields, houses, roses, night, mushrooms. Having chosen proper category you may choose jigsaw-puzzle, which you want to collect. Puzzles may contain of different pieces' number: 56 or 100. To make collecting picture easier there is a special button in a game, which will show picture and that will let you understand where to place a piece. Also you can turn on the font hit that is a black and white picture, divided on puzzle's pieces' borders. There is a timer in the game, which will help you to fix your best results. A "Puzzles" game will be interesting to all jigsaw fans. If you want to relax, pleasantly spend your time and train your attentiveness, this game's for you!
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