Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles with your Stickman, as fast and as far as you can: Line Runner

Line Runner

by: Djinnworks GmbH
From the makers of Stick Stunt Biker, Rope’n’Fly, Line Birds, Line Surfer, Line Runner, RunStickRun… Join more than 6 million Line Runner players around the world and try to beat their score with this recent #1 app store hit!


Gameplay 72%

Line Runner is a simple but fast-paced and challenging runner game with similar controls to Vector, since you jump over boxes and roll pasing down floating obstacles, but here you won’t find any of the fancy parkour moves.  Like most games of the genre, here the stickman runs automatically, and you just tap on the right side of the screen to jump, and the left side to roll on the floor. In the style of 2D Platformers, the longer you keep touching jump, the longer you’ll stay in the air, and in this title, the obstacles will be placed in a way that sometimes you have to make a few skips, then a long jump, and even have to jump over floating boxes instead of passing below them in order to keep going.When you hit an obstacle, you lose the level, and have to start over. Here there are 10 levels to play instead of a random endless track like in most games of this style, so there’s room for memorization, making the levels easier each time you play. Still, it won’t be so easy, since you will have to run for great distances in order to complete a level.In the top right corner of the screen, you can see the distance traveled. When you die, you’ll be shown how much you ran, and your current record in that level, so you can try to best it the next time.

Graphics 51%

Line Runner features a hardly animated stickman traveling over a black line with black boxes. The graphics are extremely simple and nowhere near as flashy a Geometry Dash or other games that try to be visually appealing.  The background is a wrinkled notebook page with light gray building drawings. The scenery does scroll slowly as you run, but the lines of the page stay in the same place, and you see the buildings being left behind so slowly that it actually seems to be a static background as you play.The only entertaining aspect of the animation, is when you hit an obstacle. The stickman has a few funny death animations, and you can even see blod if you hit your head; and as an added joke, a gravestone appears in the place you died. But really, you won’t be dying on purpose just to see how the stickman reacts to the crash.

Production Quality 61%

Line Runner goes for a minimalistic design, focusing on what makes a fast runner game fun to play, which is timing and reaction time. With 10 challenging levels and a training track, you can have several minutes of play before beating them all.  For people that enjoy fast platformers that aren’t random every play, it is a good experience; but since it lacks pretty much any feature besides the core gameplay, most players will problaby only play a couple of minutes.The stickman has voice samples when you crash, and you will hear a few sound effects, but most of the time you won’t hear a thing. Even the music only sounds in the main menu, and the rest of the time the game is competely silent, which can get pretty boring, especially considering that some of the most populars runners feature great soundtracks.

Value for your Money 50%

Line Runner features unskippable video ads way too often. While it is free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store, this title is loaded with advertising, which gets seriously annoying after a very short gaming session; a normal user would probably delete this app after seeing that even when just browsing the home menu a video ad appears.

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Line Runner is a minimalistic challenging platformer meant for those that really enjoy the genre and want to play a few fast-paced tracks to test their reflexes. It can be recommended only to those players, since the casual gamer won’t find anything particularly noteworthy here, and most people will find the amount of ads shown to be unacceptable. Consider trying it out only if you really like hard runners and don’t care about graphics or anything but fast-placed gameplay, and don’t mind the ads.Pros
  • 10 Challenging long Levels to Play
  • Simple Controls and fast-paced gameplay for runner lovers
  • Extremely simple visuals
  • The game is mute most of the time
  • Video Ads appear extremely often

Game Help Guru Rating 50%


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