Rayman Legends (1000093): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Rayman Legends
Ubisoft Entertainment
Adventure, Platform
PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii, Wii U, XBox 360, XBox One
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Rayman Legends: Walkthroughs

Rayman games are all sorts of fun, they have even received numerous awards including platformer of the year. Rayman Legends has been released on heaps of platforms including Wii, XBox and PS4. In Legends, you are visiting the worlds within the paintings to try to save the day. This game is a load of fun just like the other Rayman games.
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Level 0 Introduction
Level 1 Once upon a Time
Level 2 Creepy Castle
Level 3 Enchanted Forest
Level 4 Rescue Barbara Dungeon Dash
Level 5 Ropes Course
Level 6 Geyser Blast
Level 7 Quick Sand
Level 8 Rescue Elysia Dungeon Chase
Level 9 How to Shoot your Dragon
Level 10 Breathing Fire
Level 11 Best Original Score
Level 12 Castle Rock
Level 13 Hi-Ho Moskito
Level 14 Ray and the Beanstalk
Level 15 The Winds of Strange
Level 16 Dashing Through the Snow
Level 17 Rescue Aurora 600 Feet Under
Level 18 Castle in the Clouds
Level 19 Castle in the Clouds Invaded
Level 20 Altitude Quickness
Level 21 Tricky Winds
Level 22 Rescue Twila 6000 Feet Under
Level 23 When Toads Fly
Level 24 How to Shoot your Dragon Invaded
Level 25 Armored Toad
Level 26 Orchestral Chaos
Level 27 Swinging Caves
Level 28 What the Duck
Level 29 Spoiled Rotten
Level 30 Rescue Estelia Run for Your Life
Level 31 I've Got a Filling
Level 32 I've Got a Filling Invaded
Level 33 Snakes on a Cake
Level 34 Quick Sand Invaded
Level 35 Skyward Sonata
Level 36 Rescue Selena Sprint for Your Life
Level 37 Lucha Libre Get Away
Level 38 Once upon a Time Invaded
Level 39 Altitude Quickness Invaded
Level 40 Wrestling with a Giant
Level 41 Mariachi Madness
Level 42 Playing in the Shade
Level 43 The Mysterious Inflatable Island
Level 44 The Deadly Lights
Level 45 Creepy Castle Invaded
Level 46 Shooting Me Softly
Level 47 Rescue Ursula The Ninja Dojo
Level 48 Mansion of the Deep
Level 49 Mansion of the Deep Invaded
Level 50 Infiltration Station
Level 51 Rescue Emma The Shaolin Master Dojo
Level 52 Elevator Ambush
Level 53 Snakes on a Cake Invaded
Level 54 The Mysterious Inflatable Island Invaded
Level 55 Freaking Flipper
Level 56 There's Always a Bigger Fish
Level 57 When Toads Fly Invaded
Level 58 There's Always a Bigger Fish Invaded
Level 59 A Madman's Creation
Level 60 Piping Hot
Level 61 Gloo Gloo
Level 62 Aim for the Eel
Level 63 Swimming with the Stars
Level 64 Why So Crabby
Level 65 Shields Up and Down
Level 66 Ice-Fishing Folly
Level 67 Shields Up and Down Invaded
Level 68 The Dark Creatures Rise
Level 69 Ropes Course - Invaded
Level 70 The Deadly Lights - Invaded
Level 71 The Dark Creatures Rise - Invaded
Level 72 Rescue Olympia Up Up and Get Away
Level 73 Fire When Wetty
Level 74 Mystical Munkeys
Level 75 The Amazing Maze
Level 76 Ray and the Beanstalk Invaded
Level 77 Elevator Ambush Invaded
Level 78 Climb Out
Level 79 Golly G Golem
Level 80 The Great Lava Pursuit
Level 81 Spoiled Rotten Invaded
Level 82 The Great Lava Pursuit Invaded
Level 83 Rescue Sibylla Up Up and Escape
Level 84 Still Flowing
Level 85 Swarmed and Dangerous
Level 86 Lucha Libre Get Away Invaded
Level 87 Riding the Storm
Level 88 Swarmed and Dangerous Invaded
Level 89 Hell Breaks Loose
Level 90 A Cloud of Darkness and Credits
Level 91 Hunter Gatherer
Level 92 Tricky Temple Too
Level 93 Poor Little Daisy
Level 94 Snake Eyes
Level 95 Don't Shoot the DJ
Level 96 Dragon Soup
Level 97 Fickle Fruit
Level 98 Enchanted Forest Invaded
Level 99 The Winds of Strange Invaded
Level 100 What the Duck Invaded
Level 101 Infiltration Station Invaded
Level 102 The Amazing Maze Invaded
Level 103 Hell Breaks Loose Invaded
Level 104 Dragon Slayer
Level 105 Tuned Up Treasure
Level 106 To Bubblize a Mocking Bird
Level 107 You're on Fire
Level 108 My Heartburn's for You
Level 109 Beware of the Mini Murray
Level 110 Scuba Shooutout
Level 111 On Top of Old Smokey
Level 112 Mecha No Mistake!
Level 113 Risky Ruin
Level 114 Murray of the Deep
Level 115 Shoot for the Stars
Level 116 The Mamma of All Nightmares
Level 117 Grannies World Tour
Level 118 Castle Rock 8Bit Edition
Level 119 Orchestral Chaos Bit Edition
Level 120 Mariachi Madness 8Bit Edition
Level 121 Gloo Gloo 8Bit Edition
Level 122 Dragon Slayer 8Bit Edition
Level 123 Grannies World Tour 8Bit Edition
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