Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Developer: Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Developer: Firemonkeys Studios

Real Racing 3
Firemonkeys Studios
Android, iOS
Real Racing 3 is THE go-to high end racing game for Android and iOS. If you're looking for a high-speed racing sim, look no further.

Real Racing 3 Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies to Win the Race

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 7 Dec, 2019

1. The Basics of Real Racing 3

While other mobile racers tend to focus on the arcade style of gameplay, Real Racing has continued to be the best sim-orientated style racing game. If Gran Turismo had a mobile port, it would be Real Racing. Follow our guide to help you ace the race, and win the cup! Real Racing Screenshot 1

2. Always Aim for the Best Car

It’s crucial that as you progress in Real Racing, you should always pick the best car that you can for each race. As you unlock more cars your selection will get better and better, allowing you to have faster cars with better stability. Don’t focus on upgrades in the beginning of the game. It will be a waste when you won’t be using those early game cars later into the game, when you’ve unlocked much better cars to choose from. The more cars you unlock, the better your choices for different types of tracks and the more options you’ll have for each race.

3. Be Smart When It Comes to Upgrades

An increase in speed isn’t going to help on most tracks. Engine upgrades tend to offer better results in top speed, but less in terms of acceleration. It’s important to focus on the start, because getting away from the line and up to racing speed quicker will ultimately gain you more places in the early part of the race. It’s better to upgrade your drivetrain before the engine, while also focusing on reducing the weight of your car. Real Racing Screenshot 2

4. Learn the Circuits

As you play, you’ll gain knowledge of each track and how they differ depending on the car you are driving. There are also different layout variations for each circuit, giving you even more options to try out. You’ll need to master every track in order to beat the best. Real Racing Screenshot 3 The location of the starting line and where you are placed in the grid will matter and impact each race. Some cars are better for certain tracks, so it’s trial and error as you play.

5. Don’t Slide (and avoid the grass)

Real Racing 3 is not an arcade racer. Sliding and drifting won’t help you much here. Instead you are better off at focusing on staying at top speed, coasting when you need to, and staying focused on the track ahead. It should also be noted to stay away from grass at all times. Grass can severely slow your car down, causing you to fall behind in the race. Real Racing Screenshot 4

Final Word

If you follow our above tips and tricks, you’ll be on the top of your game. Practice will make perfect. Now get out there and race!

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Overall Tips

  • Focus on upgrades later, not early
  • Choose the right car for each track
  • Stay off the grass!

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