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Rescue Patrol Adventures: Action Games
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Fantastic rescue patrol is on service of space borders of the planet. As soon as any trouble happens and alien monsters start their invasion, brave and courageous dogs rush to help. All your feats and adventures are written by rescuers to the notebook, where every page is an action and exciting story about the patrol fighting with unbeatable evil. And you can try out all these adventures! Turn over the pages of the notebook and take part in our fantastic battle games! This is a new arcade, where the heroes are brave dogs and you can have not only a hurricane action, but a lot of bright emotions. This battle game has a lot of levels! Our heroes rescuers have already defeated the attacks of devil forces, but this time courageous dogs will meet with a new, never seen before, danger. Dark matter attacks peaceful planet! It turns anything it touches into disgusting monsters. The longer dark matter is on the planet, the more evil creatures appear. Without your help brave patrol can't defeat them now. Warm up the battle laser, take on a super suit and try our fantastic battle game and amazing adventures! Rush to help! Courageous heroes invite you to their team! Peculiarities of the game: - a lot of levels and variety of planets - player has a choice, who he would rush to help - exciting arcade with shooter elements - a lot of various monsters - powerful bosses and exciting final battle - simple dynamic gameplay - a lot of unexpected moments and surprises - beautiful and bright characters Collect your own unique patrol and look for adventures on the new unexplored planet. Dogs rescuers are only waiting for your orders to start an amazing hurricane action and fight with a legion of monsters and all the possible evil powers of the universe.
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