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Riddle Quiz (1000253): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Riddle Quiz
Developer: Tappeal

Riddle Quiz: Level 1 to 100 Answers

Riddle Quiz by Tappeal AB (previously Apprope) is one of the most popular riddle games on the app stores. Almost 400 riddles in total, and they are presented in a great little UI which is quite high quality. If you are in need of answers then we have them all below! If you are looking for answers for a different riddle game then we have most of the rest too!
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Level 1
I can be caught but not thrown. I am a
Level 2
I Can Travel The World Without Leaving My Corner. What Am I?
Level 3
What Can Be Measured But Not Seen?
Level 4
What Is Always Coming But Never Really Arrives?
Level 5
If You Have Me, You Want To Share Me. But If You Share Me, You'll Lose Me. What Am I?
Level 6
I Am A Three Letter Word. Add Two More Letters And You'll Have Fewer. What Word Am I?
Level 7
What Has A Tongue But No Mouth?
Level 8
I Can Run But Not Walk, Have A Mouth But Can't Talk, And A Bed, But I Do Not Sleep. What Am I?
Level 9
I Weigh Nothing, But You Can See Me, And If You Put Me In A Bucket, I'll Make It Lighter. I Am a
Level 10
I Can Be Told, I Can Be Played. I Can Be Cracked, And I Can Be Made. What Am I?
Level 11
What Kind Of Coat Is Best Put On Wet?
Level 12
What Animal Jumps When It Walks, And Sits When It Stands?
Level 13
What Surrounds Everyplace, Is The Beginning Of The End, And The End Of Time And Space?
Level 14
I Can Be Found In Seconds, Minutes And Centuries, But Not Days, Years, Or Decades. What Am I?
Level 15
The More Of This You Have The Less You See. What Is It?
Level 16
What Has A Head And Tail But No Limbs Or Body?
Level 17
What Grows When Fed But Dies When Watered?
Level 18
What Is Lighter Than What It Is Made Of?
Level 19
What Has Many Keys But Unlocks No Doors?
Level 20
What Looks Back But Cannot See?
Level 21
What Is It That Can Have The Whole Taken From It And Still Be Left With Some?
Level 22
What Kind Of Nail Can Be Grown?
Level 23
What Has A Neck But No Head And Two Arms But No Hands?
Level 24
The More Of These You Take, The More You Leave Behind. What Are They?
Level 25
What Is Never Thirsty But Always Drinking And Alive But Never Breathing?
Level 26
What Is Lighter Than Air But Can Never Be Lifted?
Level 27
If You Drop Me, I'll Crack, But If You Smile, I'll Smile Back. What Am I?
Level 28
I Do Not Speak, But There Is No Word I Cannot Make. What Am I?
Level 29
What Has An End But No Beginning, A Home But No Family, And A Space Without Room?
Level 30
What Never Asks Questions But Receives A Lot Of Answers?
Level 31
What Stays On The Ground But Never Gets Dirty?
Level 32
What Surrounds The World Yet Exists In A Thimble?
Level 33
What Happens Four Times In Every Week, Twice In Every Month And Once In A Year?
Level 34
I'm Tall In The Morning And Short At Noon. I Disappear At Night, But I Will Be Back Soon. What Am I?
Level 35
What Breaks In The Water But Never On Land?
Level 36
What Do You Throw Out To Use And Take In When You're Done?
Level 37
What Kind Of Room Has No Doors Or Windows?
Level 38
What Can Be Broken Without Being Touched?
Level 39
What Starts With And Ends With 'e' But Only Has One Letter In It?
Level 40
If You Take Off My Skin, I Will Not Cry, But You Will. What Am I?
Level 41
What Goes Up And Down Without Moving?
Level 42
What Can Be Filled With Empty Hands?
Level 43
What Gets Served But Never Eaten?
Level 44
I Cannot Be Used Until I Have Been Broken. What Am I?
Level 45
What Word Is Pronounced The Same Even After Removing 4 Of Its 5 Letters?
Level 46
What Cries Without A Voice, Flutters Without Wings, And Bites Without A Mouth?
Level 47
What Do The Poor Have That The Rich Need, And If You Eat It, You Will Die?
Level 48
What Is Pronounced As One Letter, Written With Three, And Is The Same Forwards And Backwards?
Level 49
What Can Be Seen But Not Touched?
Level 50
How Can The Letters Owonder Be Rearranged To Make One Word?
Level 51
What Falls But Never Breaks?
Level 52
What Breaks Without Falling?
Level 53
I Have Four Legs, One Head, And A Foot. What Am I?
Level 54
What Has Fingers And A Thumb But No Hand?
Level 55
What Can Be Any Size Or Shape And Gets Bigger The More You Take From It?
Level 56
I Have A Face But No Eyes And Hands But No Arms. What Am I?
Level 57
What Does Everyone Have That Goes Up But Never Comes Down?
Level 58
What Makes My Left Hand My Right?
Level 59
I Am Made Of The Stuff Around Me But Lighter Than It. I Am More Hidden Than Seen. What Am I?
Level 60
Where Can You Add 2 To 11 And Get 1?
Level 61
My Maker Doesn't Want Me, My Buyer Doesn't Use Me, And My User Will Never See Me. What Am I?
Level 62
What Is Better Than The Best Thing And Worse Than The Worst Thing?
Level 63
What Should You Keep After Giving?
Level 64
What Has A Ring But No Fingers?
Level 65
I Have Been Around For Millions Of Years, But I Am Never More Than A Month Old. What Am I?
Level 66
What Can Go Up The Chimney Down But Can't Go Down The Chimney Up?
Level 67
I Am Put On A Table, Cut, But Never Eaten. What Am I?
Level 68
What Is Full Of Holes But Still Holds Water?
Level 69
This Man Has Married Many But Has Never Been Married. Who Is He?
Level 70
Not My Sister Nor My Brother But Still The Child Of My Mother. Who Am I?
Level 71
Many Hear Me, But No One Sees Me, And I Only Speak When Spoken To. I Am An?
Level 72
I Never Was But Am Always To Be, And Everyone Looks Forward To Me. What Am I?
Level 73
What Goes Up And Down The Stairs Without Moving?
Level 74
There Are Millions Of Me. I Am Very Small, But When Moving Fast I Am Deadly? What Am I?
Level 75
What Comes Down But Never Back Goes Up?
Level 76
Tall When I'm Young, But Short When I'm Old. What Am I?
Level 77
What Goes Up When The Rain Comes Down?
Level 78
What Word Becomes Shorter When You Add Two Letters To It?
Level 79
I Have Two Hands But Cannot Clap. What Am I?
Level 80
If You Walk Into A Cabin With A Match, A Kerosene Lamp, And A Fireplace, Which Do You Light First?
Level 81
How Many Months Have 28 Days?
Level 82
I Have An Eye But Cannot See. What Am I?
Level 83
What Can Go Through Towns And Over Hills Without Moving?
Level 84
What Loses Its Head Every Morning Only To Get It Back Every Night?
Level 85
I Am A Word With Six Letters. Subtract 1 Of These Letters And You Have 12. What Am I?
Level 86
What Goes Up And Down Without Moving?
Level 87
A Farmer Has 17 Sheep And All But 9 Run Away. How Many Are Left?
Level 88
I Can Shave Everyday But My Beard Will Stay. Who Am I?
Level 89
What Grows In Winter, Dies In Summer, And Grows Roots Upward?
Level 90
How Far Can You Walk Into The Woods?
Level 91
I Am Your Mother's Brother's Only Brother-in-law. Who Am I?
Level 92
Feathers Help Me Fly, But I Am Not Alive. What Am I?
Level 93
What Word Contains All 26 Letters?
Level 94
Taken From A Mine And Shut In A Wooden Case, And Yet Used By Almost Everybody. What Am I?
Level 95
How Many $5 Bills Are In A Dozen?
Level 96
What Has A Neck But No Head?
Level 97
What Eight-letter Word Has Kst In The Middle, In The Beginning, And At The End?
Level 98
Before Mt. Everest Was Discovered, What Was The Tallest Mountain In The World?
Level 99
What Always Comes Into The House Through The Keyhole?
Level 100
I Am Everywhere But Cannot Be Seen Captured Or Held, Only Heard. What Am I?
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