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Riddle Quiz: Level 4: What Is Always Coming But Never Really Arrives Answer

Riddle Quiz by Tappeal AB (previously Apprope) is one of the most popular riddle games on the app stores. Almost 400 riddles in total, and they are presented in a great little UI which is quite high quality. If you are in need of answers then we have them all below! If you are looking for answers for a different riddle game then we have most of the rest too!
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  1. Joe
    6 years ago

    That answer makes no sense

    1. mattbooth
      6 years ago

      I think it is a good riddle 🙂

  2.  · 
    6 years ago

    Let me explain. The day will end and eventually it will be another day. The day before that you call it tomorrow. but you can’t call the present tomorrow, you call it today.

    1.  · 
      6 years ago

      Tomorrow does come the day after the day before. If tomorrow is the 25th, and the 25th came the next day as scheduled, then tomorrow did arrive the day after the day before which would be the 24th. So this is really a ridiculous, and I quote, “riddle” .

      1. Sulaymaan
        5 years ago

        Tomorrow does arrive unless its the end of the world. It’s no longer called tomorrow after it’s arrived but called yesterday instead.

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