RonDo – Jellies Star Adventures: Review

RonDo - Jellies Star Adventures

by: AXL Dynamics
RonDo – Jellies Star Adventures is a nice physics based puzzle game that makes good use of the touch screen and should keep you entertained for a while with its many challenging levels.


Gameplay 90%

RonDo is a physics based puzzle where the objective of the game is to clear a path for a jelly in order to reach the goal. The green jelly “Ron” starts at the top of the screen, and you make a way to the bottom by “digging” the ground. You do that by touching the screen and dragging your finger across the level. Gravity affects your character and makes it fall, slide and jump when going high-speed into a ramp. There are Stars on the level you can collect for a higher score, but you only need to reach the ‘sink’ at the bottom to beat the level. If you get stuck, you can reset the level anytime. There’s a “Fairy Jelly” item that shows you the best path you can make to beat the level while getting all stars, and there’s also an item that automatically wins the level with 3 Stars rating. Rondo Adventure Screenshot 1   There are levels where you can turn your phone or tablet sideways to move a special electric jelly, that you most get into a power generator in order to open a door for Ron to advance the story. The game starts easy, but soon you’ll encounter obstacles like rocks you can’t dig through, mechanical objects like gears moving, and there are levels where you need to get many jellys to the sink. If you enjoy a good physics puzzle, you’re going to really be thinking how to create the best path possible within minutes of playing.

Graphics 80%

The game has nice colors and the stars shine with a lighting effect, but in the art department there really isn’t anything mindblowing. The overall design is kept quite simple, you mostly look at ground and stones with a plain 2D look, and the jellys don’t have much going for them in its design. Sure, the characters have expressions and the overall animation works, but you won’t get a superb visual treat. Rondo Adventure Screenshot 2   Most of the time you’ll be looking at a ground texture and an ‘out of focus’ background layer. At the bottom of the screen there’s animated water, and the “best path” effect the Fairy Jelly creates looks quite nice, but the overall visual experience gets kind of repetitive after some levels.

Production Quality (85%)

The menus and world map look OK, and there’s also an animated story. Nothing too fancy, but the overall presentation meets the standard of a game worth playing. Still, where RonDo does shines, is in the gameplay department with it’s physics mechanics and level design. Rondo Adventure Screenshot 3   Even if the overall mechanic is “create a path to the goal”, soon the levels will have obstacles to overcome, like switches to press, traps to avoid and palces you need to reach first with a Special Jelly. For those looking for a challenge, the game presents many levels with a nice variety of hardships to overcome.

Value for your Money (85%)

Rondo – Jellies Star Adventures in free on iOS. It does shows advertising between levels, but is not that annoying, you can skip it right away. There are optional in app-purshases, but the levels are well balanced in difficulty. If you try hard enough, you’ll be able to beat all levels. On Google Play, the game is $1.99. You can play a Demo with 5 levels for free, but that may not be enough to really get into what RonDo will offer in future levels. Still, a couple of bucks is totally worth it if you’re looking for puzzle that offers a couple of hours of fun and deep thinking.

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RonDo – Jellies Star Adventures is a good pick up and play puzzle adventure you should download if you enjoy this kind of games. It makes good use of touch screen and accelerometer, and should keep you busy for a while with its varied and challenging levels. Pros
  • Excellent Gameplay physics mechanic
  • Variety in the levels
  • The art style and animation is simple
  • The levels visual presentation gets repetitive

App Guru Rating 82%


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