Royal Revolt 2: Review


  Royal Revolt 2 Review   So you wanna be the King of Kings?.. well in this brilliant 3D strategy action game you can be. Available for free download on Android, iOS and Windows 8 PC’s, Royal Revolt 2 is one of the best Tower Defense games you will play and currently an editors choice in the App store. In this sequel to Royal Revolt, Royal Revolt 2 sees you build your kingdom and perfect your defenses. You can forge alliances and compete against other real players from around the world.   Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 1  

The Story

The plot is pretty straight forward. You’re a Lord who has the only claim to the throne! You you must find a castle, prepare your army, and take them into battle to prove you are the one true King. Smooth touch screen controls allow you to very easily build your defenses, upgrade troops, magic and buildings. The gameplay sees the players taking on both roles, attacking and defending, and is more of player-versus-player raiding theme, which is in a similar vein to games such as Cloud Raiders and Clash of Clans. Compared to the original Royal Revolt which was one player only, there has been some noticeable changes in the sequel. Royal Revolt 2 is an actual tower defense game. You build a battlefield, that invading armies will travel upon to reach your castle. The attackers are given gold for every tower defense structure they destroy and any raiders who manage to get past your castle gate will take away a large portion of your loot. 🙁   Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 2  


Other new additions to the Royal Revolt 2 include: elite boosts for alliances, boosts for your alliances troops and defenses, unlocks for the Blazing Knight, the Storm Cannon, new levels for many troops, spells and various other improvements, polishing and bug fixes.   Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 4 Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 3  


Royal revolt 2, is still not without faults, as the laying of the defensive path might have been easier because stones and ruins block portions of buildable land. It will also cost you gems to clear a path, so its can be expensive and not everyone can afford to make room. Actual length of the path, the number of towers and barricades/traps, and health of the Castle Gate itself are all determined by the gate’s level and individual towers and defenses must also be leveled independently. I like the cool non defensive structures at your base area because they add great appeal and feel to the theme of the game. Structures such as taverns that generate gold over time, farms which produce bread (the resource needed to go out on raids). Bread in turn must be stored at the Silo. Keeping the Silo and all four farms fully upgraded will allow you to attack as frequently as possible. There is a troop academy, where players can research and upgrade each type military unit. Currently the games has eight types of military units, and more are planned for the future.   Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 6   The player-versus-player feature is very cool and it has a better match up system than Cloud Raiders. You get to see your opponent’s base and gold so you can decide if you want to attack the other players kingdom or not. You can also enter mini-tournaments along with 14 other random players. Here you attack anyone with no gold cost, although mostly they tend to be useless targets. After the tournament ends, the top few people win some free gems. Royal Revolt 2 has pretty great 3D graphics, sound and artwork. The gameplay of running through levels, summoning troops and casting spells crippling opponent defenses is a winning formula. It is a highly popular game and there are heaps of help videos on youtube if you ever need help with strategies for attack and defending your kingdom.   Overall the game is fun, but possibly lacking that little something extra to make it really enjoyable.   Royal Revolt 2 Screenshot 5   Pros
  • Free Download
  • Awesome 3d graphics
  • Player-versus-player feature very good
  • Lots to do
  • Defensive path could have been better laid out
  • Expensive to clear paths
  • 34mb download size
  • Time consuming and frustrating at times


Gameplay7 Graphics8 Production Quality8 Value for Money8 Overall7.75    


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