Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle filled corridors to get the treasure: Super Dangerous Dungeons

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Hop into a challenging platforming adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Do you have what it takes to conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?

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Gameplay 83%

Super Dangerous Dungeons is a 16-Bits style puzzle platformer where you must find the exit of each room inside an ancient temple in order to get the legendary treasure at the end. But be careful, because the rooms are full of spikes, metal saws, bottomless pits, poison water, lava and other deadly dangers.   The controls are simple, in the bottom left side of the screen you have virtual arrows to move left and right, and on the opposite side there’s an up arrow to jump. Just like classic platformers, if you just tap the button, you’ll perform a short jump, but if you keep it pressed down, you will go higher. This will be a valuable ability, since sometimes you will have to get to another platform that has a ceiling with spikes over it, so a short skip will be the only way to get there. At first, you’ll only have to get to the exit door and it will be open, but sometimes you will have to get a key to unlock it, which will be in a hard to reach place. And other times, the key itself will be inside closed gates, which will be opened once you activate a switch hidden somewhere in the dungeon. Besides just jumping, you have the ability to push around boxes, which will help you reach higher places, step on them to pass spiked floors or fire traps, or put them on a switch to keep it activated. After a dozen levels, there’s a Boss Room, who is a giant monster you must outrun in order to get the treasure at the end. This levels are very long, and you must reach the door all the way to the right before the Boss touches you, in which case you will lose and have to start over. Once you get the temple’s treasure, you move to the next place to explore, which will be more challenging that the last one.

Graphics 92%

Super Dangerous Dungeons goes for a colorful, bright and cheerful pixel art style, in order to look like sidescroller platformers from the early 90’s. Even if you’re inside a “dark” temple, you can see everything clearly, and there are plants and flowers sticking out from the walls and the floor to make the scenery a more lively.   Just like early games from Super Nintendo such as Mario World, the main character and objects with movement don’t have that many animation frames, but since the framerate is always smooth and the overall design of the game is very well done, you may get the feeling of playing a cartoon. There aren’t that many special effects, but the fire and water animations look pretty good, and it’s fun to watch some of the main adventurer dying animations. Each temple you enter may repeat many elements in their rooms, but there’s always something new to see to keep things interesting, unlike similar games where you really can’t tell if you revisited a place you’ve already been in.

Production Quality 85%

Super Dangerous Dungeons starts out like your average mobile platformer. Just jump around here and there avoiding a few traps to find the door and go to the next stage; but after a few levels, you’ll notice there will be some complex puzzles to solve in order to advance, and then the deadly traps of the rooms will need some real gaming ability to overcome.   In the first temple, it’s all about timing, just passing through the moving blades when the time it’s right; in the water dungeon, you must jump up and down with the tide and be fast on your feet in order to reach the door on time, and the 3rd temple, combines both puzzle solving, quick moving and fire hazard that you can just barely avoid. Perfect for fans of retro platformers. The music may not be as catchy as the 16-Bits tunes of mascot games from 25 years ago, but it gets the job done; same thing with the sound effects, althought it may get annoying hearing the same SFX everytime Timmy jumps.

Value for your Money 90%

Super Dangerous Dungeons is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You will see advertising after you die a few times, but that’s to be expected, and it doesn’t really interrump the gameplay experience, as long as you last more than a few seconds in each room.

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Super Dangerous Dungeons is an entertaining title which is sure to get the attention of old school platformer fans. It may start a little slow, but it becomes quite challenging and complex as you play. It may not be the kind of game modern users are interested in, but it’s worth a try by anyone that just wants a fun little mobile game to spend some minutes on. Pros
  • 2D Pixel Art style that really captures the feeling of classic 16-Bits games
  • Simple Controls, but tough platforming as you advance
  • 50 challenging levels, with secret stages and even boss rooms
  • The music isn’t as great as SNES and Mega Drive catchy tunes
  • It would’ve been nice to be able to perform more actions, like swimming, climbing or shooting something

Game Help Guru Rating 88%


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