Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy

Developer: Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy

Developer: Zilong Games

Second Galaxy
Zilong Games
Space Sim
Android, iOS
Second Galaxy is an EVE Online clone that simplifies the open-space concept and brings it to mobile and PC with cross-platform play. With our helpful guide, you'll be successfully exploring and ruling the vast galaxy in no time.

Second Galaxy Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies to Rule the Galaxy

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 22 Sep, 2019

1. The Basics of Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy (like the ever popular EVE Online) gives you a massive galaxy to explore, with a player driven economy and powerful social elements like alliances and corporations. What separates Second Galaxy from it’s inspiration however is it’s focus on EXP and leveling up through quests. The core of the game involves following various main and side quest lines, while gaining experience for mostly every successful action. Leveling up allows you to gain credits, unlock new features, get new ships, and many other things. Your main goal in the game is level up. Second Galaxy Screenshot 1

2. Quests, Scanning, and Looting

The majority of your gameplay each day will be scanning your current location in the galaxy for anything of value, and using the quests tab to select available quests. You’ll travel far and wide to different sectors completing various quests while also picking up side quests from ships in distress, and other mission types. You will need to select the quests that are right for your current ship setup, and your current level in the game. Another important gameplay function is looting. Ships you destroy can be looted for goods that can be sold on the market. You can also pickup illegal contraband as well, as long as your cargo hold is big enough to carry it.

3. Setting Up Your Ship

When docked at a station, you’ll be able to purchase modifications for your ship at the mall. It will be important to always fit your ship with the best equipment possible as you explore further into the more dangerous regions of the galaxy. Second Galaxy Screenshot 2 You’ll also need to use the research tab to improve your upgrade options, allowing you to further expand and change your ship’s arsenal. The development section will allow you to use blueprints to piece together new additions for your ship as well. Any blueprints you don’t want can be sold at the trading post. Tactical, Superdevice, and Recharger are the main stats to look for in new ships. You always want to get better ships down the road, because you’ll need ships with higher skill points to survive.

4. Recruits, Mining, and Wormholes

Wormholes allow you to explore and complete missions in the deeper and darker reaches of space where player versus player combat can be deadly. It’s best to enter wormholes with a spare ship or allies in order to make a safe return. Second Galaxy Screenshot 3 Mining in the game is done with recruits, and is based on the skill level of those recruits. You can dispatch your recruits up to five times a day to mine for precious minerals.

Final Tips

To succeed at Second Galaxy you should focus early on with story missions and side quests. The goal is to level up and research new improvements to your ship. You should only focus on player versus player or wormholes when you feel confident enough and have conquered many of the early missions. The more you level up, the more powerful your fleet will be.

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Overall Tips

  • Use missions to earn XP
  • Only enter Wormholes when you are at a high enough level
  • Upgrade your ship as quickly as possible

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