Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Developer: Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

Developer: Madfinger Games

Shadowgun Legends
Madfinger Games
Android, iOS
Arguably the best sci-fi shooter in the app stores right now, Shadowgun Legends is a breathtaking FPS that feels like a proper console game on mobile. With over 200 missions and multiplayer modes, you won't get bored easily.

Shadowgun Legends Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 25 Jan, 2020

1. The Basics of Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a single player and multiplayer FPS. It is a sequel to the original Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone, both multiple award winning games from 2011 and 2012, respectively. All these years later the Shadowgun series gets this beautiful new entry in the series, bringing over 200 single player campaign missions and many multiplayer modes (including Duel, Ascendancy, Elimination, Dungeons (Blade Dancer, Brothers of Fire, Voltaic Fist, Hive Mind), Arenas (Bronze Arena, Silver Arena and Gold Arena). Follow our guide to get a leg up on the competition. Shadowgun Legends Screenshot 1

2. Earning XP and Leveling Up

In Shadowgun Legends, all game modes will give you XP for leveling up. Although PvP modes gives less XP, they are definitely more fun to play. By far the easiest way to gain XP and start leveling up is through the blue missions. As of recent, you can now you can do them with a friend! Which will make them quicker and more fun. Do those blue missions repeatedly for fast XP. You will continue to gain experience through gameplay and level up even after reaching level 20.

3. Picking the Right Equipment

Do not worry about getting good weapons and armour before reaching 250 power. You’ll be swapping them constantly, and always updating to different and better weapons. However, it’s a good idea to hold onto equipment gear that contains the loot perk. They will be great for farming better rarity gear at the level cap. You can find them on shoulder gear. Don’t start focusing on making your character based on cosmetics until at least level 25. In the beginning the focus needs to be on weapons and armour stats. Shadowgun Legends Screenshot 2 As for weapons, shotguns are good for close range combat. Best used at PvP. Rifles are a great jack of all trades weapon. Sniper Rifles are great for elites and bosses. To cause some havoc, grab the Machine Gun.

4. Know Your Perks

Perks are what differentiates a good item, from a great one. If you play RPG titles like Skyrim or Fallout you’ll already be familiar with the concept. In weapons, always look out for these perks: % Damage, % Critical Damage, % Fire Rate, % Mag Size, % Accuracy (for SMG’s mainly). In equipment, always look out for these perks. For boots: % Critical Damage and % Knockdown Resistance. Legs: % Critical Damage and % Magazine Capacity on your weapon of choice. Chest: % Health. Maximum found was 24% total. Shoulders: % Critical Damage and % Loot. The % Loot percentage increases the chance of enemies dropping loot during missions. It does not affect the drop rates of epics and legendaries. Shadowgun Legends Screenshot 3

5. Master Your Controls

Be sure to customize your control settings to make the game just right for your device and play style. If you have one, be sure to hook up a gamepad like an Xbox controller to truly play the game like a console title. Having the best control setup for your own play style will give you a nice leg up on the competition.

Final Word

Follow our guide below and you will be taking out your enemies in no time. Now get onto the battlefield!

Launch Video

Overall Tips

  • Don’t forget to do your daily missions! They give you good xp for leveling up as well as a lot of fame!
  • Change your control settings to your liking.
  • You shouldn’t grind dungeons or arenas until you reach the level “25”.

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