Sky: Children of the Light (1002542): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Sky: Children of the Light
iOS, Nintendo Switch
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Sky: Children of the Light Guide Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

From the creators of the artistically beautiful games Journey and Flow, comes a new roleplaying game on mobile. Explore the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom with a mystery to be solved.
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Review & Tips

1. The Basics of Sky: Children of the Light

Some people consider video games works of art. If that’s true, then the developers at “thatgamecompany” truly are the abstract artists of their day. Known for beautiful yet simplistic and mysterious games, Sky: Children of the Light is no exception. Designed for mobile, you’ll explore a vast beautiful world while slowly uncovering a mystery. Follow our guide below to help you on your journey in this new and gorgeous game. Sky Screenshot 1

2. The Controls

The game’s basic controls is introduced at the start of the game. It is as easy as one, two, three. Using the default settings, the left screen should be for moving your character. Dragging or swiping the right screen allows you to look around. Tapping the circle with the star on the right screen makes your character jump. Holding it allows the character to perform flight.

3. Wings and Such

Winged Light gives you charges for your flight ability. It can also be viewed as your level if you like. Yellow bars mean your charge has enough energy for you to perform the ability. Wings’ energy recharge when you stay near a light source or when you touch the clouds or flying creatures during flight. Hearts are a currency in Sky. This is given by your friends. One heart is equal to three candles. Some expressions and upgrades can be unlocked by hearts only. Candles basic currency in Sky. You can get this by collecting lights in the game’s world. Lights can be collected from candles when you light them up. Sky Screenshot 2

4. Friendship Goals

Your goal is to bring the light of the stars back to their place. It is not an easy feat, however, as Sky throws a lot of challenges at you along the way. One of the challenges is communication. That’s right, Sky must be played with making friends in mind. It is not easy to communicate with others, but what amazes me is how two complete strangers manage to “speak” with each other in ways to beat a certain challenge. In its own creative way, the game taught me the value of friendship, even with a stranger, in overcoming various storms in life. At first, I thought I could finish the game alone. I was terribly wrong. There are puzzle pieces and challenges that must be unlocked and overcome with the help of friends. That’s where the game gets interesting and addicting. Sky Screenshot 3

5. Don’t Forget To..

Take your time. You do not have to “finish” the game fast. Relax and enjoy or else you’ll miss the beauty of the game. Also remember to look for the light. Literally look for lens flares and go towards it. Always. Explore every nook and cranny in each map. Some lens flares are hidden behind hills and other subtle places.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll be solving the mystery of this beautiful new game. Have fun exploring the landscape!

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Overall Tips

  • Take your time exploring
  • Play with friends
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