Skyrim on Nintendo Switch: Which Edition?


Even the Dragonborn doesn’t know.

  With all the secrecy that surrounded the official announcement of Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch, one would assume that most questions would finally be answered with a game that is already fully developed, years old, and is just being ported to a new platform.     Nope. That’s not the case. No one knows which edition of Skyrim will be hitting the Switch. Will it be the 2016 remastered “special edition”, or the original 2011 version (with maybe the “legendary” package)?   To some this doesn’t matter. To others it does. More than likely the Switch will be receiving the Legendary edition, which is the original version of Skyrim without the remastered features and graphics. With the size limitations of the Switch game cards, it might be impossible to fit the remastered version.   Then there’s the issue of processing power. Even though the Switch is opening up a new console generation, it lacks the power of current generation mainstream consoles (Xbox One and PS4). It might not be powerful enough to handle the updated visuals of the special edition remaster.   We’ll likely find out more soon, with Skyrim expected to land on the Switch this fall. More to come!  


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