Sonic Mania: The Hedgehog Returns to 2D


Retro gamers rejoice. Sonic is getting a NEW 2D side-scrolling platformer. And it won’t require a Sega Genesis.

Next year Sega is giving fans what they have wanted for decades: a new Sonic platformer. All in glorious 2D. Sonic Mania is a “love letter” to the fans, a retro-style PC, Xbox One, and PS4 game made with the visual style of the original Sega Genesis classic.   Players get to control Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles as they run through new and re-imagined classic courses. A few features from later sequels like the elemental shields and giant rings (first featured in Sonic the Hedgehog 3) will make an appearance in the new game.   Screenshot of Sonic Mania Screenshot of Sonic Mania.   The game is apart of the 25th anniversary event and will revive the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. The graphics are gorgeous, and will feel familiar to those who played the original games. In a world where we are going back to artsy sprites in 2D indies and revived classics (Nintendo, we’re looking at you) it’s refreshing to see this level of detail again.   A return to retro graphics A return to retro graphics.   Gamers can give Sonic Mania a play in early 2017. For now, Sega has just earned a big boost of support from it’s fans. 2D is back.    


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