Spider-Man PS4: Marvel’s Arkham Asylum?


The untitled Spider-Man game is the reboot we’ve been waiting for.

I don’t think many expected Sony to not only steal the show with a game that isn’t their own creation at it’s core, but I don’t think many expected a new Spider-Man game period. It’s not everyday a large company like Sony reveals a huge exclusive title game, and that game isn’t being made by the company themselves or even a part of the brand. Yes Spider-Man does have Sony ties, and let’s not get into the legal ownership of who owns what of the Marvel-Sony deal that will bring us the 2017 film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, instead let’s focus on the game at hand: the untitled Spider-Man PS4 game.   Marvel needs its own Arkham Asylum. They have needed it for a long time. Arkham broke the superhero video game mould and decided to ditch the films, shows, and stories.. and just focus on one thing: making an awesome epic game centered around their own great story. It worked. The first Arkham game is arguably the best superhero game of all time. It redefined the genre. And it’s best attribute was staying clear of the insane canon problems that we can have nowadays with all the films and TV shows based on these characters. Instead, developers created the “Arkhamverse”.   Spider-Man in action, in the E3 Trailer Spider-Man in action, in the E3 Trailer.   We don’t know much about Spider-Man PS4. We don’t even have a real title or release date. But what is known, are the key facts that separate this epic-looking game from the stale movie tie-ins of yore. We have an older, more experienced Spider-Man. We have a separate story, a new story. A new costume. A new logo. This game stands out as something new, fresh, and exciting for Spider-Man fans.     If Marvel wants to put a dent in what DC made with Arkham, this game could do it. The trailer alone shows us how different this game is from past Spider-Man games. There’s a focus here. A focus on something epic. Something fun. We can only hope to learn more soon.  


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