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Spotlight Room Escape
Javelin Mobile and Aleksei Aro
Adventure, Hidden Object and Escape
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Spotlight Room Escape: Level Epiphany Walkthrough

What a cool escape game. This is not just a simple doors type game, it has a more advanced theme, graphics and gameplay. There are only 9 levels, but they are quite involved, and for a free game you can't go wrong! We have walkthroughs for all levels too. One thing to note is that the game icons are different between iOS and Android, we have used the Android icon because the game is more popular on Android.
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  1. Nick Schaer
    4 years ago

    1. After you go down the stairs you will find yourself in a system of rooms which looks like a bunker. Turn left, walk toward the hoses near the stairs and take the one that is disconnected.

    2. Go down the stairs and take a key that lies on the barrel and a sheet of paper near it with “pi” number on it.

    3. Descend down again, walk to the door and take the key.

    4. Behind you, there are two boxes for tools. Open the first one and take a saw. The second one is coded. The password is the “pi” number– 3141. You will find a blue twig inside it once you enter the code.

    5. Return to the first room and saw off the bars of the cage to get the canister.

    6. Descend down to the barrels and collect the fuel into the canister using the hose. Once you finish, don’t forget to take not only the canister, but the hose as well.

    7. Go down and pour the fuel into the power point.

    8. Return to the first room one more time. Unlock the electric panel with a key. Rotate the toggle switches until they are all in a horizontal position – it will open the circuit.

    9. You don’t need to remember the circuit, we did it for you. Go down again to the power point and turn the switches as shown in the circuit.

    10. Return the hose to its place. But this is not enough – you also need to turn on the toggle switch on the electrical panel. Now the door is open – you may walk in.

    11. Inside, you will see the rec room. On the second tier of the bed there is a camera, but you do not need it, you only need to take the film.

    12. On the other bed, under the pillow, you will find a floppy disk.

    13. Take two bottles from the locker. You will need them later.

    14. In another locker you will find a safe with a combination lock. To find the password,you will need to solve the equation shown on the sheet hanging on the wall. ZZ = 55, ZX + AZ = 68. Hence, we calculate that Z = 5, X = 3, A = 1.

    15. Approach the desk and pour ink from the bottle on the sheet of paper. You will see a combination for opening the safe.

    16. Compare the numbers with letters and enter the combination: 55401530. Rotate the handle in the right direction to the right marks and do not forget to press the “OK” button after each rotation. Take a screwdriver and a toggle switch handle from the safe.

    17. Come up to the table and unscrew the plug from the lamp cord with a screwdriver.

    18. Plug the switch in the electrical panel and turn it on – this will open the room on the left.

    19. Go into the room with a computer. Take a blank sheet of paper on the table and the one with fragments of figures.

    20. Return to the rec room. Use the code from the sheet to open the upper left locker: 2451. Take a floppy disk and an adhesive tape from it.

    21. Come up to the computer one more time. To plug it into the network, you need to fix the cord – simply connect the plug with the wire using the adhesive tape.

    22. Start the computer, insert both diskettes and choose the first one in the menu by clicking on Floppy_1. Here,you will need to place the tags correctly in three stages.

    23. Now click on Floppy_2. You will need to move square blocks to get such picture.

    24. Next, go to Control_panel. It turns out that only one door can be opened at a time. Close the green one and open a system of rooms in the bottom left corner.

    25. Leave the computer and turn to the door on the right – once you come in, you will see that the corridor is blocked by rubble. Pick up a knife – it sticks out in the wreckage – and an ultraviolet lamp.

    26. Go back and make a hole in the poster hanging near the door. Take nippers and drill.

    27. Go back to the computer and return to the previous Control_panel configuration. Walk to the rec room and find the pipe located in the upper left corner. Remove the lid and make a hole in the metal mesh using nippers. Take the floppy disk.

    28. Return to the computer one more time and insert the floppy disk. Go to Floppy_3. Again, we see mathematics. Put the marks into correct positions and open the upper left rooms in Control_panel.

    29. Again, go down into the room with big ventilators and open the door at the end of the corridor. Go inside and head to the lockers in the left corner. On one of them has a combination lock. Use the uv-lamp to light the buttons and you will see a combination of three digits: 926.

    30. Take a red light bulb, and also don’t forget to grab a wrench on one of the shelves.

    31. Approach the table for photographic processing. Pour blue liquid from a jar into one container, and the orange liquid into another. Insert a red light bulb into the upper lamp and turn on the light. Insert the film into the apparatus, lay a sheet under it and turn it on. The image is projected. Now dump the sheet first in the orange liquid, and then in the blue one. The photo is ready.

    32. Use the computer again to open the rec room and go to the desk. There is a code lock to the left. You will need the photo here. Step by step, using the arrows, get the code: 56RFZ. Open the door and take the dynamite.

    33. Move to the far lower room passing through the ventilators – after you open it in the computer. In the left part of the room you will need to break the mirror. You will see the buttons behind it, the combination can be found above – simply unscrew a piece of pipe with a wrench.

    34. The sheet says the number is 17483. You will also notice the inscription on the right of the mirror on the wall. You need its capital letters. Compare them with numbers and you will get the answer.

    35. In the right-hand corner of the room there is a staircase you need to climb. Once you are on top, take a walkie-talkie and the keys.

    36. Walk to the lockers and open the bottom one with the keys you found. Inside, you will find the detonator, which you need to connect to dynamite.

    37. Leave this room and drill the holes for the dynamite near the door hinge, then set up the explosive.

    38. Go to the computer and open the room that is on top. But to get into it, you will have to go through another one, which is blocked.

    39. Connect the detonator to the computer and push the trigger button

    40. After the explosion, the passage through the locked room will open. Climb up the stairs and here it is. The stage is complete!

  2. Matt Booth
    2 months ago

    Hi gang. Game Help Guru swapped the clip with a fixed one. The old one wasn’t correct anymore. Please tell us if there is a problem by ticking as useful above. Have fun!

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