Square Enix & Marvel Team Up for New Projects


This is huge.

  After much secrecy and teasing, we now know that two legends are teaming up to work on a new project: Square Enix and Marvel. As part of a multi-game agreement, developer Square Enix will bat outside of their wheelhouse and develop video games based on, as of right now, Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will also work on the project. Games based on other Marvel properties are also likely.     This is big news because of the unlikeliness that these two companies would ever team up. This proves that Marvel is truly looking to break new ground in the super hero video game genre. First with the video game reboot of Spiderman, now this.   A trailer (seen below) teases the partnership, with no word yet on when any future games will be coming out. Regardless, this is very exciting for gamers and Marvel fans alike.     We can expect more information to come out very soon, being this will be a multiyear multigame project.   Check out the video below to see the teaser video released by Marvel.    


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