Stardew Valley: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies to Build your Dream Farm

Stardew Valley

by: ConcernedApe
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        Stardew Valley is the slow-paced farming sim that instantly became a classic. Now available on mobile, we have prepared a guide detailing how to succeed in the ultimate farming sim.


1. The Basics of Stardew Valley

        If you’ve played any of the games in the long running Harvest Moon series, you’ll be familiar with the premise of Stardew Valley. After inheriting a farm from your grandfather, it is your job to clean up the dilapidated farm and turn it from a worn-down field, to a commercial-grade quality farming operation. Stardew also mixes in some elements from the Animal Crossing series with a social element that includes befriending the locals, and finishes with the ability to mod the game like Skyrim.Stardew Valley Screenshot 1          Stardew Valley allows you to play at your own pace, and play with your own gameplay style. You can focus on farming. You can mine. You can battle monsters. You can romance the locals and get married. You can… well, you get the drift. The game’s openness allows you to explore many different paths to success. Here’s some of the best ways to make a profit and succeed in Stardew Valley.

2. Adapt your Farm for Each Season

        By the time you reach years 3 to 5, you’ll probably have many different elements of your farm up and running that can provide profit regardless of the season. But early on during those more difficult first few years, it’s key to focus on growing seasonal crops that will net you the most profit. For the first year, you should focus on the cheapest yet most profitable crops. For spring, potatoes are amazing first-year crops. They have a 25% chance to spawn a second potato on harvest and with a growth period of only 6 days you’re able to get 4 harvests completed before Summer 1.Stardew Valley Screenshot 2          For summer during your first year, blueberries are the way to go. This is the best multi-harvest crop of the summer without processing and the most profitable crop for Year 1 players. Each harvest of a blueberry bush has a 100% chance of yielding two additional berries (3 per plant), so even though they only sell for ~62g each, you’ll harvest 12 per plant in a season at only 80g per plant. In the fall, pumpkins make a great crop no matter the year. Keep one on hand because, towards the end of Fall, Carolyn will request a pumpkin to carve into a Jack-o-Lantern for Abigail. During the winter you should focus on other activities. Such as…

3. Mining and Foraging

        In addition to farming, mining is a fantastic way to make profit in Stardew Valley. As you explore more and more deeper levels of the mine, you’ll find more valuable ores that will sell for a large profit. Do not waste energy by breaking open everything you see in the mine. The only thing you get from normal rocks is stone and a small chance of a geode. The lower you go the better materials/ore you can find. You need to go down more levels, only breaking the ore rocks (very easily distinguished from normal rocks).Stardew Valley Screenshot 3          Foraging is another important way to earn some extra money in the game. Pick up and collect seeds, plants, and any items you can use to improve your farm or sell for cash.

4. Fight Monsters

        While you are down in the mines, you might run into some monsters. Fight and battle these creatures to collect the loot they drop. As you slay more and more of these baddies, you’ll unlock the Adventurers Guild. There you will be given a sword you can use in your battles. You can also purchase new gear to help you become a master monster hunter.Stardew Valley Screenshot 4  

5. Participate in Seasonal Events

        Participating in seasonal events is a big part of Stardew Valley. Be sure to check the calendar often to take part in these fun events. During festivals, you’ll be able to make some extra cash with the goods you are growing on your farm, purchase exclusive items, and more. Being apart of the community in town can be profitable!        There are many ways to play Stardew Valley. Success is defined by what goals you set for yourself. But if you follow this guide during your first year, you’ll have your farm up and running in no time! Now get farming!

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Overall Tips

  • Complete festival events
  • Grow seasonal crops
  • Mine and forage for extra cash


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