Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Developer: Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Developer: Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Galaxy Command
Paradox Interactive
Android, iOS
The epic grand strategy space sim comes to mobile. Now control the fate of the galaxy in the palm of your hands, playing with millions of other players in real time.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command Guide Ė Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 11 Oct, 2020

1. The Basics of Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Paradox Interactive is known for its epic grand strategy games. Crusader Kings and Stellaris are two of their most iconic games, where gameplay consists of roleplaying and lots of text reading. Action is never the strongest suit of these games, instead you are usually at the helm of a massive empire and tasked with making big decisions. Stellaris is the space themed entry in their collection, and now the game is coming to mobile: sort of. While the PC and console Stellaris takes place in a new universe each time you start a new game, Stellaris: Galaxy Command plays out in a real time massive online galaxy where you and other plays have an effect on the game. Follow our guide below to master the galaxy and grow your fleet! Stellaris Screenshot 1

2. Improve Your Ship

Flagships are the unique ships that your leaders have, and, as such, are pretty powerful. It’s key to upgrade your ships as the game progresses. Flagships donít require XP items to upgrade, unlike your leaders. You can upgrade a Flagship by leveling up its corresponding leader, unlocking skills which can effect it. You can also install Flagship components to change the way the ship works.

3. Organize Events

The governor may be in charge of your empire, but you still have to make some decisions regarding your base. This includes entertaining your base residents, and you can organize various events for this purpose. To get started, simply press the ďSpace StationĒ button on the home screen. If you see a number in the upper right corner of this button, you have a chance to organize an event. These events have beneficial rewards and allow you to earn ethics points too. For example, if you need extra Militarism points, you can earn them by organizing an event. Stellaris Screenshot 2

4. Parts, and More Parts

Itís tough to find flagship parts in Stellaris Galaxy Command, so here are the best ways to get them. Hunting pirates for boxes is a good way of getting flagship parts or basic organic matter. Rewards from missions are also a good way to get these materials. Stellaris Screenshot 3

5. Alliances

Joining an alliance is a good idea because of many things. First, you get 200 GCC for free when you first join an alliance. Second, you get access to a lot of bonuses. For example, you can build ships 25% faster. Third, you can ask for help from your alliance members and decrease your construction/research speed. It is also possible to do a lot of activities as an alliance and win lots of rare rewards. Oh, and, if you donít like the current management, you can always attempt a coup to replace the leader. Fun! Make sure to join an alliance right from the start, you will get lots of advantages.

6. Finding Minerals

Minerals play a big part in the original Stellaris, and they are also important in Galaxy Command, being used to upgrade most buildings on your space station. Here are some tips on how to get minerals in Stellaris: Galaxy Command. Mining Outposts are available from early on in the game, and produces minerals, so be sure to make plenty, and upgrade them. Storage is just as in the original game, itís very easy to run out of mineral storage, but building warehouses ensures that you always have space for when you need it. Finally, upkeep. Mining outposts have a large energy credit upkeep amount, so be sure to keep an eye on your energy credits when building them.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll be on your way to mastering the galaxy and becoming an evil emperor… if that’s what you want to do that is. So start playing and grow your republic!

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Collect plenty of parts and minerals
  • Don’t forget to join an alliance

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