Stream Any PC Game to Your Mobile with Remotr

For years mobile gaming has been restricted to the processing power of the device you are playing on. Let’s face it, the selection on mobile is lacking those AAA-quality games that we play on Steam, GOG, and our consoles. But now you can play any AAA game you could possibly dream of and all you need is your PC, your favorite game, an internet connection, and a mobile device… All this is thanks to Remotr, the fantastic new game streaming app.   Remotr streaming a game on Android   All you need to do to get Remotr to work is the desktop app on your PC. The app will do all the work for you and automatically detect Steam, Origin, Blizzard, and Glyph games installed on your PC. Then you simply install their app on your Android, iOS, or Windows Universal device. Log in to your account with an internet connection and play! Your game is magically streamed to your mobile device, your TV, or any other compatible device.   Remotr app interface on Android   So your first question will be.. ‘what about lag?’ Well Remotr does not have the latency problems that plague services like the defunct OnLive, or Playstation Now. Instead your games are streamed wholly through your PC and internet connection. With a decent internet connection and a good PC, you can play a Steam game on your phone with amazing quality. Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto 5, or literally ANY other game. Another awesome feature is co-op gaming. Friends can join in and you can play together with games like Castle Crashers. This feature places Remotr into a real league of its own, we have not found any other streaming service with these capabilities! Up to four players can play LIVE together.   GTA V running through Remotr   Unlike other game streaming services, you are not limited to a certain library of games. You can play any PC game on your phone or tablet, and without any device restrictions. If your PC can play the game you want to stream, your tablet can play it too. Remotr represents what mobile gaming should be: the ability to take your favorite games with you. With a great looking interface and a well-tested design, Remotr is a full featured app that turns your phone and tablet into a AAA-gaming machine. If you want to play real hardcore games on your phone, Remotr is the best and ONLY way to go. Here is the website: Remotr Website Game Help Guru Rating: 96%


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