Review & Tips


by: Snappy Touch
Snappy Touch have released a great new game this month – Subterfuge! It is a multiplayer strategy game where anything can happen and you need to decide who to trust to make sure that you survive.


Subterfuge is getting really great reviews, and deservedly so. This game gets addictive! You should have a quick look at the tutorials, although playing the game will actually teach you more quickly. The goal of Subterfuge is to gain Neptunium. To get Neptunium you need a mine… a mine will cost you a sacrifice of 50 troops, so it gets hard. Don’t let your Queen be captured or you will lose the game. You will begin the game surrounded by other players and you will need to get chatting quickly. Build some alliances and hope that they hold! The 2 buildings that you begin with are factories which make your army grow faster and generators which allow you to increase the maximum size of your army. Here’s a fun little trailer for the game… Even if it doesn’t show much of the game!    
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