Sundown Boogie Frights: Review

Sundown Boogie Frights

by: Chillingo
Sundown: Boogie Frights presents you with an alternate reality where zombies attack in the 1970s! It brings plenty of unique and exciting ideas that involve zombies attacking you! There is a bunch of interesting mechanics that work nicely in order to provide a cool outcome. The zombie theme in this game is surely suitable for Halloween, but it does showcase the need of protection for this barren city thatís in need of saving!


Gameplay (85%)

Boogie Frights is designed quite nicely, and the premise is simple, you need to prepare the city against the zombie outbreak and use your heroes in the best possible way to win. Obviously, the gameplay here is very fun and immersive, but what makes the title so interesting is how cool it is and how nice the entire experience is right throughout the game. Itís nice that you can upgrade your city and bring in new buildings, but aside from resources you will also need to think quite a lot about defenses. The game isnít easy at all, in fact it has a difficulty curve that can be steep at times, but thankfully it has integrated a whole lot of enemies in the form of zombies that are fierce and which need to be obliterated the best way you can. It might sound easy at first, but the reality is that the game continues to bring in plenty of challengesÖ so prepare your city fast and skillfully if you want to achieve success. Even though there is a steep learning curve, the beginning acts as a great tutorial that allows you to learn the ropes quite fast. Other than that, the action is to the point and more than impressive all the time! Sundown Boogie Nights Screenshot 1  

Graphics (70%)

The graphics are not the best that you can find these days on mobile, but they work great for this game. The esthetic is also quite different from what you usually see, and itís nice to find developers that think outside the box, coming up with something new. The cartoonish design does wonders in this game and, as a whole, it manages to deliver a good environment for you to nurture your city and protect it against the enemy threat. Speaking of them, the zombies are nicely created as well, and overall you will find yourself in a truly exciting experience thatís enjoyable and all kinds of fun. Sundown Boogie Nights Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (86%)

The game works great and without any glitches (except some log in errors which we encountered). Production value is at a pretty good level. The top-down 3D style works well and has been implemented professionally. Sundown Boogie Nights Screenshot 3  

Value for Money (81%)

Since the title is free, you wonít have a problem downloading and playing it without initiating any purchase. There are in-app offers, true, but the game doesnít initially rely a lot on them, even though they may be needed (depending on your type of gameplay), so keep that in mind!  

Trailer with Gameplay



All in all, Sundown: Boogie Frights offers a solid gameplay experience and itís a lot of fun especially if you are a fan of the 70s. Itís fast paced, enjoyable and it brings just enough gameplay mechanics to make you play more and more all the time. Well worth it to download and play right now. Pros
  • An interesting time period.
  • Engage in battling zombies.
  • Build the town in any way you want.
  • Unlock heaps of upgrades
  • There are a few login errors sometimes.
  • In-app purchases are pricey.

Game Help Guru Rating 78%



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