Swipe and match 2 or more adjacent cubes to complete missions and clear levels: Toy Crush

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With so many enjoyable levels, unique features and boosters, Toy Crush is a perfect entry into the world of mobile puzzles. Create powerful combos to get awesome gifts and to explode all the blocks!

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Gameplay 67%

Toy Crush is a simple casual family friendly puzzle game where you break color blocks in a grid simply by tapping on them. Once you destroy a set of same color blocks, new ones will fall from above to fill in the gaps, and you have limited turns to reach your level objectives, so try to get as many blocks as possible with a single tap.   At first, your objective will be to get rid of a certain amount of blocks of a given color. Later, missions will have some extra objectives like matching blocks trapped inside a bubble, getting rid of black squares by disappearing blocks next to them, bringing down toys in the grid by destroying the blocks below it and the like. Just like regular puzzle games, when you take out several blocks with one tap, you get a special item. Match 5-6 blocks to get a pair of rockets, that eliminate a whole row or column, take out a group of 7-8 to create a bomb, which explodes taking out its surrounding cubes, and if you manage to destroy 9 or more blocks, you get a color wheel, which eliminates all squares of a given color. You also have special tools that you can activate whenever you want, like a hammer to destroy something in the space of your choise, a toy train to take out a row, another toy that clears a whole column, and a xylophone that let’s you eliminate all the blocks of the color of your choice. These special tools are unlocked when you reach a certain level within the game. Before the start of a level, you can buy boosters to begin with, like 2 bombs, a set of rockets, a color wheel or 3 extra turns. When you lose, you can watch a video ad to get a few more moves, and if you still don’t meet the level objectives, then you must pay with the game’s currency to get more turns.

Graphics 74%

Toy Crush features colorful hand-drawn graphics which are aimed to appeal at a young audience. Everything is bright and playful looking, with nice explosion effects and sparkles appearing everytime you make a match.   The backgrounds aren’t very eye catchy, and they’re completely static, but it’s not like you’ll notice them when you’re looking at the cubes disappearing. And just seeing color squares gets old fast… Similar games have jellies with facial expressions or show a character reacting next to the grid to spice things up. Since you only look at inanimate objects here, it can get a little boring after a while. Something worth mentioning is that the cubes have a default symbol on them, like a star, a circle or a square, but when you can get a special item when you tap on a group, they show the icon of what they’ll turn into, so you know when you’ll get a pair of rockets, a bomb or a color wheel.

Production Quality 65%

Toy Crush is an OK puzzle, if features everything you’d expect from a match-3 game, with the gameplay mechanics well implemented and nice graphics, but if you’ve played titles of this genre for a long time, this game will feel pretty generic, and extremely easy.   Toy Crush doesn’t offer anything you haven’t already seen before, and the level difficulty is so low that only children new to mobile puzzles will be entertained with this. And even young users may want to try games with funny cartoon characters, and something with just toys that don’t move at all. Everything here feels “average”, and it isn’t a bad game, it’s just that there are so many puzzles like this one in the market, that something so plain and ordinary will problably go unnoticed in the play store.

Value for your Money 84%

Toy Crush is free on Google Play. There are in-app transactions so you can buy boosters and extra turns, but the game level of challenge is nothing you can’t beat without coins. You’ll see some advertising even if you beat all levels in a row, and that can get a little bothersome; most players will be OK with watching a video-ad for 3 more moves, but watching a banner at the bottom all the time, and an ad even when winning, may be too much.

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Toy Crush is the perfect entry to the puzzle genre for a young kid who is just starting to learn how to play with a tablet. For anybody else, this is a very generic and extremely simple title that probably won’t get much attention. If you have young children in your family, download this game for them; but anybody with any match-3 experience, will stop playing after 2 minutes. Pros
  • Nice colorful graphics
  • Simple Tap Gameplay mechanics
  • Lot’s of special tools and boosters to use
  • Not challenging at all
  • Pretty generic title for puzzle enthuasiasts
  • Too many ads

Game Help Guru Rating 63%


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