Swipe to match the arrows directions to defeat enemies, and climb your way through: Tower Slash

Tower Slash

by: Marduken
In a retro style environment, you must take the challenge of climbing the Everlasting Tower. Only a special kind of runner, fast enough to break the chains of gravity, can climb it, and defeat the tower guardian knights.


Gameplay 77%

Tower Slash is an action game that will test your reflexes and swipping speed to the max! You take control of a tiny ninja running up on the wall of a tower that extends to the sky, defeating enemies along the way, by swipping left, right, up or down depending on the green arrow the rivals have on them the moment you get close.  The ninja runs automatically, and you only need to swipe at the right time when the arrows over the enemy in front of you gets big and surrounded by a black cube, if you’re successful in your swipe, you’ll slash and keep going. Some enemies will display 3 arrows at the same time, and you must swipe quickly in order from down to up in order to defeat the combo rivals.After a while you will find red arrows, which are activated by dragging your finger in the opposite way they’re signaling. As you advance, you’ll notice enmies coming in different sets of green and red arrows. If you make a mistake and don’t swipe the right way, you’ll get defeated and will have to start over.In the bottom left corner of the screen, there’s a special power bar that fills up each time you defeat an enemy. Once it’s full, you can activate your character’s unique ability by pressing it, which can be a shield force that surrounds you for a while, a thunder that defeats all enemies, or a huge energy dragon that lets you advance at high speed while destroying everything in your way.

Graphics 78%

Tower Slash features 2D low resolution pixel art and goes for a dark tone. The characters may look a little too “blocky”, but they still look nice when attacking, showing a fluid motion blur once they slash.  The backgrounds aren’t very detailed, and the tower itself seems to repeat the same pattern over and over again, which may get old after a while. At least you have different heroes to play with and there’s variety in enemies so the focus is on them; additionally, there are huge boss characters to fight against, and they are very detailed and display a lot of animation compared to the rest of the characters.

Production Quality 83%

Tower Slash sets a different way of playing a fast-paced runner by having 4 different motions to do instead of just tapping on the screen or jumping and ducking to keep going, and by having the red arrows to do the contraty motion, it will certainly test your gamer ability in a more complex way than the average game of this style.  The combo system works great, and it’s fun to watch the tiny guys fighting. The music and sound effects could be better, and while the graphics have low resolution, the animation is pretty good considering you’re seeing square characters slashing each other.There aren’t many fancy special effects, but some special abilities actually look great, filling the screen with flashes of light, electricity and energy fitting for an epic adventure.

Value for your Money 92%

Tower Slash is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You will see a video ad after you die, as it’s common in runner titles; it may get a tad annoying at first while you’re getting used to the gameplay, but once you understand how to survive, you won’t mind the advertising. It’ll take a long time to unlock all characters just by playing, so you can consider buying them through in-app transactions if you really enjoy this title.

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Tower Slash goes for a different way of playing the old “runner” formula, and it works just fine for those looking for an extra challenge, and a more interactive experience than most of the titles in the genre. The animation is pretty good, and while modern gamers may not be too fond of the tiny blocky characters, seeing them animation is amusing by itself, and if you’re looking for a fast-paced title that will have you slashing the screen with your inder finger like crazy, check it out.Pros
  • Great way to test your reflexes and “swipe screen” speed
  • The tiny characters are funny to watch
  • The audio of the game is not very memorable
  • It gets repetitive after you get the pattern of attack of enemies and bosses
  • It’ll take a long time to unlock everything with normal gameplay

Game Help Guru Rating 80%


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