Test your Skills and Patience in the Addictive: Color Switch

Color Switch

by: Fortafy Games
Color Switch by Fortafy Games is a simple casual game where you tap a ball to make it go up through obstacles of different colors. Timing is crucial, so look the pattern of each Challenge carefully, and be ready to TAP TAP TAP.


Gameplay 84%

Color Switch is a one-tap game based around timing. You take control of a tiny colored ball that starts out in the bottom of the screen, and everytime you tap, it will bounce up a little bit. The objective is to go up as much as possible. In the way, you’ll encounter barriers that can be yellow, red, green or purple, and your ball can only go through its same color. Color Switch Screenshot 1   Each time you overcome an obstacle, you encounter a multicolored item that changes the color of your ball, so now you have to pass through a different barrier. If you’re not paying close attention, you may keep going thinking you can pass a barrier with the color you had before, just to explode into tiny bits bouncing over the screen. In the game you collect white stars, that you can exchange in the game store for stuff to bounce, like a ring, a square or a happy face, and you can also play challenges. A challenge is a delimited obstacle course with a goal to reach at the end, and there are hundreds of them. At first, obstacle will be just spinning slowly, far away from each other, and they’ll be easy to overcome. As you advance, you’ll find harder barriers like narrower circles spinning around really fast, and moving up and down to make things more complicated.

Graphics 60%

The design of Color Switch consists of just lines of four colors over a black screen. Not really that eye catchy, but the animation is pretty good, with every obstacle moving around, and the mix of lines, circles, squares, dotted figures and all that, looks OK, and for a game of this type, it works out. Color Switch Screenshot 2   The only noticable visual effects are when you collect a star, which divides into tiny disappearing stars with a fade animation, when you crash into an obstacle, and when you reach the goal in a challenge, that will trigger a explosion of tiny balls of lots of color. But overall, it’s nothing really memorable, and games of similar gameplay offer much more in the graphics department.

Production Quality 88%

The core gameplay of Color Switch is not something that hasn’t been made before, but it’s pretty well implemented here, and the balls gravity physics are just perfect. The infinite level can get quite addictive, and you may even try getting a Top Rank since it’s the kind of game that makes you go back just to try getting +1 in your Best Score. Color Switch Screenshot 3   Where Color Switch really shines, is in Challenge Mode. Having a Level Selector with hundreds to choose from is a great idea, and even if you can’t beat a Challenge, since there’s a goal you’re getting closer and closer each time, it has a certain appeal to keep trying, making it really addictive. Each Challenge is pretty original and will keep you busy for hours… Unless you’re an excellent player and beat ’em all in one go.

Value for your Money 90%

Color Switch is free on Google Play and the App Store, but like many games of it’s kind, you’ll see an ad everytime you lose, and that can be way too often. Also, you can get white stars by watching a 30-sec video ad, and that can take a while if you want to unlock everything in the game’s store.

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Color Switch is not that original, and it sure doesn’t look as pretty as other titles with similar gameplay mechanics, but here is implemented perfectly, and the challenges are really fun and addictive, and since it’s free, check it out if you’re looking for a casual tap-timing app. Pros
  • Addictive Tapping Gameplay
  • The ball has pretty nice physics feeling
  • Hundreds of challenges to beat
  • Graphics too simple, just a black background

Game Help Guru Rating 83%


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