That Level Again 2 (382): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
That Level Again 2

That Level Again 2: Walkthroughs

Well here is the sequel to the infamous That Level Again. These games are great fun once you get into them. You are given small clues and riddles and must guide your little character safely through each level. Check out our help below if you get stuck!
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Level 1 Plain and simple
Level 2 Where did I leave it
Level 3 Moon
Level 4 Cant take it
Level 5 Is it in the second room again
Level 6 Use your finger
Level 7 Emergency exit
Level 8 New look
Level 9 No jumps
Level 10 Release the guest
Level 11 Is it there again
Level 12 Rearrangement
Level 13 Be generous
Level 14 Dont be afraid
Level 15 Try it 3 times
Level 16 New control
Level 17 WASD
Level 18 How do you open it
Level 19 What do you need
Level 20 Think before you act
Level 21 Dont trust your eyes
Level 22 ABC
Level 23 The creator
Level 24 The club
Level 25 The End
Level 26 Thats not a bug
Level 27 Chinese letters
Level 28 The weird door
Level 29 The fall
Level 30 Licence agreement
Level 31 Need more energy
Level 32 Make me do it
Level 33 Nothing lasts forever
Level 34 Follow the volume
Level 35 One more key
Level 36 Have you ever played Mario
Level 37 Zoom In
Level 38 Lets make it a little harder
Level 39 Upside Down
Level 40 The password
Level 41 Youre a ninja
Level 42 The Answer to the Ultimate Question
Level 43 Megazoom
Level 44 The weird room
Level 45 Earthquake
Level 46 Page 1
Level 47 Free cheese
Level 48 The Nightmare
Level 49 The Mud
Level 50 Zoom 2
Level 51 The new look 2
Level 52 The new control
Level 53 The help of the dead
Level 54 To the left
Level 55 The box
Level 56 Do not believe it
Level 57 Do not hurry
Level 58 The wrong door
Level 59 Role reversal
Level 60 Keys here
Level 61 New abilities
Level 62 Cannot stop
Level 63 Knock on the door
Level 64 Final level
Level 65; A baby can complete this level
Level 66; It's always been there
Level 67; Inequality
Level 68; It's lonely here
Level 69; Draw
Level 70; Spikescode
Level 71; Plain and simple
Level 72; Tentacles
Level 73; More spacious here
Level 74; Counterintuitive
Level 75; Melt the ice
Level 76; Keyboard Support
Level 77; Back
Level 78; Control the room
Level 79; Shifts
Level 80; Final level
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