The neighborhood cats are hungry, connect colorful sweet snacks to feed them: Cookie Cats

Cookie Cats

by: Tactile Entertainment
Connect-3 Puzzle
Join adorable kitties in a journey through pawsome new places, where cookies are just waiting to be eaten. Be ready to connect colorful cookies, fight off the dog baddies, and befriend new meow-sicians in this puzzle game that is the cat’s pajamas!


Gameplay 83%

Cookie Cats is a casual Connect-3 puzzle game where you have to feed cats of different colors with the cookies in the grid. Just touch one, and drag your finger along the ones close by of the same color, and they’ll go to the bowl of the cat of that color. cookie-cats-screenshot-2   The overall objective is to feed all the cats, but there are some special levels. In the upper part of the screen you’ll see 3 cats waiting to be fed, and they’ll have a counter telling you how many cookies they have to eat to leave, and then another cat will take its place. Once you feed them all, you’ll win, but remember that you have a limited amount of moves. If you connect 6 cookies, you’ll get a special vertical or horizontal cookie, that when used in a match, explodes taking out a whole row or column. This works for every 6 cookies connected, so you get 2 bomb cookies if you connect 12, or 3 if you manage to connect 18. And if the explosion of one of them affects another bomb cookie, it’ll also explode. There’s a special mole level, where besides feeding cats, you must eliminate the mole by making matches next to its holes, but every turn it’ll make another one. If you make a match next to the mole, you’ll make him dizzy, so it won’t make a whole the following turn. Once you take it out, focus on collecting cookies for the cats. There’s a dog level, that works like a boss fight, you collect cookies to throw them at the guard dog, and once you deplete its energy bar, it’ll go away. Another type of mission is collecting waffles, where a chef cat has a plate where you collect waffles in the grid, by making matches next to them. Finally there’s a Get Milk stage, where you must feed kittens. A carton of milk will appear in the top row of the grid, and you must make it go down to the bottom row by eliminating the cookies and obstacles below.

Graphics 93%

Cookie Cats features great looking hand-drawn art and animation. The cats are cute and fluffy and there they have different color patterns, stripes, dots, single color with white belly, etc. And sometimes you can see them in clothes, like the Chef Cat in the Waffle Levels. cookie-cats-screenshot-1   They’re all moving around the whole time you’re playing, and act according to your actions. When you start connecting the cookies, the cat that will receive them will start paying attention to the grid. If you haven’t fed a cat in a while, it’ll start doing things like lifting its bowl, or moving its paws like trying to get your attention, or signaling its mouth. The elements on the grid flash and light up when you start connecting, and the rest get dark. When you make a match, the disappearing effects look pretty good, and when using Boosters, other cats enter the scene to activate them, and you can see cool stuff like the fireworks flying around and getting rid of the cookies you selected with lots of explosions. The backgrounds have nice color grading, but since you mostly see a brick wall and the sky, there’s not much going on… But the world map looks great, with cats doing lots of funny cartoony stuff all around the neighborhood.

Production Quality 89%

There are many Connect-3 puzzles available for mobile devices, and while Cookies Cats doesn’t really adds much to the gameplay formula, it’s really well executed, with excellent graphics and nice music to make for a great experience. cookie-cats-screenshot-3   Certainly the characters give the game a lot of “personality”, there are many cats and each one is pretty unique, it’s always fun to watch them do their stuff. Every few levels, the objective changes to have a little variety, and while you may already have seen the obstacles and kind missions here in other games, they were adapted perfectly to fit the cat world here.

Value for your Money 91%

Cookie Cats is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You won’t see any advertising with normal gameplay, but it’s one of those games where you have to wait a long time to get new lives, unless you buy more or ask your facebook friends to give you some. You can get boosters with the daily missions, but they’re really scarce, so you may feel like buying some on harder levels. Still, the difficult level is just fine, and while challenging even for puzzle anthusiasts, you can win all levels without spending a dime.

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Cookie Cats is a great Connect-3 casual puzzle game. The cats are funny with great animations to show their unique personality, and the gameplay, while not really original, works perfectly. This title is among the best of its kind, so if you feel like trying out a new game of the genre, get on to feeding the neighborhood cats some cookies. Pros
  • The art style and animation is great, each cats is funny and has lots of moves and expressions
  • Simple touch gameplay with variety in missions
  • Doesn’t really innovate the genre, may feel like something you’ve already played
  • You have to wait several minutes to get new lives and try again a level

App Guru Rating 88%


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