The Nintendo Bait & Switch?


Nintendo showcases games in Nintendo Switch announcement trailer that might not be coming to the console after all.

  “I need to buy this… my dreams have come true… it’s a portable Skyrim machine!” … That was the main thought running through my head when I first watched the oddly (for Nintendo) fantastic announcement trailer for Nintendo’s next-gen console, the Nintendo Switch. Like many, I’ve been following the development of the Switch ever since it was originally announced as the Nintendo NX. My childhood dreams of a portable game system that converted to a home console seemed to be coming to life right before my eyes. But then…     … Bethesda. Hours after Nintendo uploaded the now-viral trailer to their YouTube channel, Bethesda released a statement basically declaring that they had no current plans to bring the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to the Switch, but had provided Nintendo the footage to support the reveal as a developer for the system. This was disheartening and shocking to say the least. I watched Wikipedia change every few seconds as fellow gamers wondered what the truth actually was. There is such a thing as tech demo trailers, but here is Nintendo… one of the biggest names in gaming, using up about one third of their trailer time to showcase a five year old game on their new console. So if this was just a demo to showcase “what the Switch can do”, then it was a poorly executed decision.   Nintendo Switch   I for one am hoping this isn’t the case. I’m hoping Nintendo’s long arm has just restricted Bethesda from making any announcements. But it does make you a little uneasy when a big developer such as Bethesda is so clear in their statement. Take-Two basically said the same thing for NBA 2K17 (also featured in the trailer) on the Switch.   Nintendo Switch   If the Nintendo Switch does indeed get these amazing third party games, suddenly Nintendo can find themselves in a great position after the failures of the Nintendo Wii U shadowed over the company. It’s been made clear any big announcements or game announcements for the Switch won’t come until 2017. So until then, we sit.. wait.. and hope for what the Switch promises to be: a game changer.  


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