Traveling Blast (1000473): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Traveling Blast
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Traveling Blast: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

What is your idea of a perfect holiday? Do you love traveling? Check your travel interests with Traveling Blast so we can help you find your travel match! All you need is a little time and a big dream! Traveling Blast is a Match 2 and Blast tiles game where you travel around the world and remove all bricks. Match 3 games are ideal for casual gamers! If you love exciting puzzle games, download one of our addictive Match 2 games today. It’s all about traveling! It’s all about blast! It’s Traveling Blast! Start a puzzle quest involving an adventure story today! Are you looking for a new, challenging puzzle game for mobile? Match 2 games are the perfect addition to your device! Download the exciting match 2 game Traveling Blast and get lost in the addictive world of this exciting puzzle game! Match 2 game Traveling Blast is a puzzle game where you’ll match two same-colored tiles, win points, unlock power ups, blast and clear the board, and advance throughout new levels. Connect three and more matching tiles to win huge prizes in the game. Challenge your brain and blast matching color blocks! Are you an expert traveler? Do you know all the world's most popular tourist attractions? Travel to the far corners of the globe with Traveling Blast! Mix and match your way to different countries! Put your travel knowledge to the test with our traveling trivia game! But first, find matching blocks and tap them to blast them away. Simple yet with many match and blast strategies to consider, Traveling Blast will surprise you with different tricks you discover the more you play! Test your brain and try to win big – that’s how you’ll travel around the world. If you like match-three (three-in-a-row) style games but want to try something a bit different, we have you covered! Being Match 2 game, Traveling Blast is easy to learn! It can be enjoyed in short sessions. The game is your perfect choice while you’re waiting for your coffee or taking the bus home. Exclusive and relaxing gameplay, stunning graphics, beautifully designed themes, different game modes, super challenges, leaderboards to compete with other players – what can be better for a casual gametime? Start your block matching adventure! The more blocks you match, the greater the blast is, the more points you earn! You can also unlock special power ups to help you on your traveling mission! Have you encountered locked blocks that make it harder to clear the rows and columns? Not a problem! Explode bombs and use powerful boosts, each with its own play style and effect! Use helpful boosters at the right moment to tip the game in your favor! Score huge combos and become a match master! Matching & tapping two or more same colored blocks and popping them is fun, but… It’s time to prove your matching game skills! Play against others head to head to earn trophies! Compete against other players in the leaderboards! Unique matching gems and powerful booster combos will help you solve Match-2 puzzles better than others! Have an enjoyably challenging experience! Fun features: ● Simple gameplay – just tap the matching cubes to pass the levels! ● Collectible postcards depict the main attractions of each city! ● Info points with legends, facts, and fascinating details about your favorite cities! ● You decide which city to visit next! ● Free boosters, free coins, and unlimited boosters for set times as a daily reward! ● Star Chests with exciting rewards! ● Hundreds of puzzle levels! ● An in-game social network for sharing your adventures with other players! Traveling Blast is an addictive Match 2 puzzle game where you have to match 2 or more cubes of the same color to achieve the target and travel around the world. Match the puzzles and clear all the levels with given moves to complete tons of challenges and go to New York, London, Prague, Paris… Use all your skills to clear the Match 2 board and become a master in matching game! Join the block blasting fun of Traveling Blast!
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
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