Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge (1000742): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge
Mateusz Drzazga
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Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Tuku Tuku is a party game, that is all about reflex and acting under pressure — you have to give 3 answers to a simple question in 5 seconds before the bell rings. It's "Fast, Fun, Crazy!". Can you name 3 things that get wet? Imagine the ticking clock and your friends staring at you with their piercing eyes, you are lost for words! • over 2000 challenging questions • different categories • your own questions • up to 20 players • no ads With custom questions, you can change this game into whatever you like - be it truth or dare, flirting game or a quiz. This game is full of ridiculous answers and will get your party jumping in no time. It's perfect for a boring car ride, family reunion or just playing with your friends. It will get you rolling on the floor laughing!
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
We do not currently have any cheats, code, achievements, or unlockables for Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Challenge.
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