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Two Dots (379): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Two Dots
Developer: Playdots Inc

Two Dots: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

This has been a number 1 game in over 100 countries! Totally free, and heaps of levels to play. If you love puzzle games and haven't tried Two Dots yet, then this is a must! We have video walkthroughs below. Please leave us a comment if you find better solutions.. and have fun!
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Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
A special achievement for players who defeated the 100th Treasure Hunt!
You're off the rails! (Beat level 910)
Let the radiant constellations guide you. (Beat level 585)
Break those bricks but don't wake Trixie the fox. (Beat level 110)
Venture into the unknown. (Beat level 185)
This city never sleeps. (Beat level 535)
What do the dots trapped in the middle of a square do?
Start your journey with Emily and Jack. (Beat level 10)
Refill your watering can! (Beat level 1360)
Sink all the Anchors to knock out Noodles the squid. (Beat level 35)
Make way for the scourge of the seven seas!
Use the Color Burst power-up in a level to burst all dots of a single color.
Avoid the thorns! (Beat level 1685)
Avoid the lava! (Beat level 1635)
Storm's a-brewin. (Beat level 810)
Shoot for the stars! (Beat Level 1110)
These wigglers all have eyes for you. (Beat level 610)
Take one small step. Beat level 1135.
Unearth subterranean beauty far beneath the surface. (Beat level 235)
Don't lose your head! (Beat level 1035)
Decode the cryptic bleeps and bloops. (Beat level 735)
Find the buried treasure! (Beat level 1460)
Befriend the dragon! (Beat level 1660)
A journey of a thousand miles!
Caution! Perils ahead! (Beat Level 1260)
Rolling through the meadows! (Beat level 885)
It all feels like an emerald dream. (Beat level 285)
Follow the radiant path. (Beat level 1560)
Dare to descend into the gaping maw. (Beat level 210)
Use the Eraser power-up in a level to make any dot disappear. Even special ones.
Take a ride to the top! (Beat level 1760)
Avoid Davy Jones' Locker. (Beat level 1485)
Avoid the fiery flames! (Beat level 1605)
Don't Stop Running! (Beat Level 1185)
Fly past the lanterns to the top of the grand tower. (Beat level 385)
Treasure awaits! (Beat level 1285)
You kept your cool! (Beat level 935)
Connect to Google Play Game Services.
Get back in the saddle! (Beat level 1060)
Crack all the ice but be sure to keep Nigel the yeti cool. (Beat level 60)
Fulfill your knight’s duty. (Beat level 1435)
Get out of your shell! (Beat level 960)
Flee the clutches of the nefarious nest! (Beat level 635)
Your radar is detecting excitement! (Beat level 710)
Follow the glowing path! (Beat level 1535)
Take a ride straight down. (Beat Level 1785)
Ride this train into the future! (Beat level 510)
Don't go extinct. (Beat level 1210)
Find your way out! (Beat level 1310)
Can you brave the foreboding Wandering Woods? (Beat level 485)
Ponder over idyllic lake reflections. (Beat level 560)
We reached for the stars!
Dress to Impress! (Beat level 1335)
Master teleportation and go beyond! (Beat level 135)
Find the elusive patterns. (Beat level 1735)
It went like clockwork! (Beat level 1010)
Connect to Facebook and see your friends' scores!
Use the Sure Shot power-up in a level to zap dots in a cross shape.
Life will find a way! (Beat Level 1160)
Douse the raging fires and restore order. (Beat level 85)
Take a trip down the river! (Beat level 1810)
It's turtles all the way down. (Beat level 710)
Winter is on the way! (Beat level 1410)
Use a Shuffler power-up in a level to rearrange all normal dots.
Don't be a sucker! (Beat level 985)
Fiction becomes fact in this once secret lab. (Beat level 335)
Welcome to the jungle! (Beat level 260)
Boris the bear can be a bit possessive at times. (Beat level 435)
See what’s nested beneath the Hidden Hills. (Beat level 410)
Prepare for a bohemian experience. (Beat level 760)
Rise from your grave! (Beat level 460)
This is an F5 race you can't win! (Beat level 835)
Don’t burn out! (Beat level 1710)
Race your friends along the sandy shore. (Beat level 660)
Circuit breaking and entering. (Beat level 310)
Drift away like a petal in the breeze. (Beat level 360)
Let the light be your guide! (Beat level 1585)
Hop on for more adventure! (Beat level 860)
Up up and away! (Beat level 785)
Grab your ladle! (Beat level 1385)
Discover the mysteries that live in the void. (Beat level 160)
Connect dots in a square and see what happens.
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