Use your Superb Tennis Skills to eliminate Zombies in this unique fast-paced arcade action game: Smashy Duo

Smashy Duo

by: Big Frost Games
Smashy Duo is an unique fast-paced arcade action game where you control 2 Heroes to hit as many monsters before one of them was knocked off from the stage. The game has a simple tap control where anyone can easily pick up and play without going through complex tutorials.


Gameplay 83%

Smashy Duo is a game based on classic arcades like Pong and BreakOut, but with a much simpler control and with a faster pace. You take control of two heroes armed with rackets, who smash a ball into a horde of zombies, and you must hit the ball each time it returns to you after eliminating an enemy.   The only interaction you have in the game is tapping one side of the screen to make the hero swing the racket (or weapon according to the character), a green crossair will apear on the enemy that’s gonna be hit, and the ball will return either to the left side or the right side, and you must time your tap correctly to keep on playing. In the middle of the screen there’s a counter that adds a number after every hit, and has a green bar filling below with each enemy you take down. Once it fills up, you get a “Fever Time”, where the ball will travel twice as fast and eliminate 2 enemies with each hit. After a while you’ll get to fight new invaders like aliens and evil robots, and also special enemies that give your ball new properties. For example, if a zombie is on fire, youll get an explosive ball, and when you return it, the zombi that gets hits will explode taking out the undead surrounding it. There’s also an ice ball that freezes enemies, and thunder one and electrocutes them. Also, there’s an enemy that gives you instant fever time. When you lose, you’ll earn coins according to your performance, that you can use to unlock new heroes that come in duo, and level up your special effect balls, by making the area of their explosions bigger. Also, you get “key points” that you use to open treasure boxes in the home menu, these can give you coins, a new team to play with, a new stage or a new type of enemy to face off.

Graphics 84%

Smashy Duo features 2D hand-drawn characters and backgrounds. They have a childish cartoony design, tiny bodies and big heads, but you can tell which pop culture characters the heroes represent just by a glance.   There are many backgrounds to see and enemies to face off, and while you don’t see much animation, everything is pretty detailed, with grading, texture and shadows, making up visuals that look great on a tablet. The heroes are pretty static most of the time. The only animation you see while playing, is the swinging of their racket (or distinct weapon) and that’s it. There are special spark effects when the ball hits, and when it has fire, electricity or some other atribute you can see a flashy trail and a big explosion when it hits an enemy. When you reach “fever time”, the whole screen gets brighter and the ball travels faster leaving a yelow trail. At this time the game looks extremely fast-paced and all the lights you see give it a true action packed feeling.

Production Quality 78%

Smashy Duo has a basic premise that doesn’t really change much. Return the ball by tapping one side of the screen, and even with the variety in heroes to play with, special balls and enemies to beat, this can get old fast.   The music fits the game, but it’s not something you’ll want to listen when you’re not playing. The SFX are just OK, but at least every team of heroes has a distinct sound when they hit the ball. There are some achievements you can accomplish, like reaching fever time 5 times, or killing 5 zombies with an explosion. These carry over when you lose until you complete them and you get another special mission. This feature is not in excess, but it won’t really keep you playing for long. It would’ve been better to have a stage progression system with a world map, so in Stage 1 you need to survive and beat 10 zombies, then 12, then 15, have some power ups to activate when you want, then reach world 2 with the evil robots… Maybe that would’ve been more interesting and an infinite simple premise. paced and all the lights you see give it a true action packed feeling.

Value for your Money 91%

Smashy Duo is free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You’ll see some advertising here and there as it’s expected in these kind of games, and when you lose you can choose to watch a video ad to earn a bonus coins. You can buy in-game coins to unlock more characters faster, and there’s the ad-free version for a couple of dollars. If you’re really hooked into the game, you may consider it, but for one buck it’ll be a much more recommendable buy.

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Smashy Duo is a fun take on the Pong, BreakOut style of games, but just pressing one sid eof the screen at a time it’s not really that interactive, and it gets old fast. Still, the fast-paced gameplay and great 2D visuals will keep your attention for a while, and you may want to try to break your record adn reach the global leaderboards. It may take too long to unlock all the 60 heroes without spending money into the game, but it can sure give a fun time with the 3 or 4 couples most players will unlock before moving to something else. Pros
  • Great 2D hand-drawn graphics
  • Simple Controls, Challenging fast-paced Arcade Action
  • There’s very little animation in the characters
  • The music isn’t that great, doesn’t change with stages

Game Help Guru Rating 80%


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