Vault: Review


by: Nitrome
Vault! by Nitrome is an addictive endless runner platformer with great pixel art you should download right now if you’re a fan of retro sidescrollers.


Gameplay 90%

Vault! is an endless runner platformer based around pole vaulting. To jump you touch the screen, and the character will drop the stick to the ground and begin lifting himself. If you let go of your finger, the anthropomorphic eggplant (or whatever it is) will take the vault of the ground and start descending. Overall is a 2D sidescroller platformer where well timed jumps are the key to succeed. You will have to jump over cliffs, reach high platforms and avoid obstacles such as red metal balls you find along the way. Also there are blue trampolines you need to make use of make a giant leap, and green hoops you can pass through for extra points. Vault Screenshot 1   The more you advance through the level, the faster you’ll be running, so it gets harder and harder to time your jumps correctly as you progress. Finally there are coins to collect that can be used to buy a “Continue” when you fail the level, or you can buy a new character, such as the green fish.

Graphics 94%

Vault! displays great pixel art with colorful backgrounds and funny animated characters. Every action performed is shown nicely and the reactions when bumping on an obstacle, crashing and falling off a cliff look really funny. Retro Game enthusiats will love what the game has to offer, but really, there aren’t that many elements in the level. You only see landscapes, coins, some trees between boulders where you need to put down your vault, and that’s about it. It could use a little more variety… Maybe waterfalls, birds flying on the background or something else to keep the look fresh. After a while, it gets pretty repetitive seeing the same setting. Vault Screenshot 2  

Production Quality (86%)

As a free runner game, is worth downloading to play for about half an hour. The are many endless platformers with automatic walking where you just touch the screen to jump, but the unique gameplay mechanic of using a vault, makes for quite a different experience, and it becomes pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. The game has nice sound effects, but there’s only one retro chiptune playing through the level. Just like you can change characters, it would have been nice to be able to select another track. Also, there’s just an infinite level. A different setting such as a beach, city or something else would have given Vault! far more variety. Vault Screenshot 3  

Value for your Money (84%)

Vault! is free to play with in-game ads. It shows ads of other Nitrome games on the Title Screen, and when you lose, you can watch a video ad to get a continue. You can also buy the ad free version for a couple of dollars, which may be too much for this kind of game. If you really enjoy the genre, you may consider supporting the developer, but there are many great platformers available for just $1 in the App Store.

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Vault! is a good platformer worth downloading to play for a while. It’s pretty addictive and should keep fans of retro sidescrollers busy for a while. Pros
  • The vault jumping mechanic is fun and addictive.
  • Many nicely animated characters to unlock
  • Great Pixel Art
  • It’s just one infinite level with not so many elements
  • It could use more songs to choose from for the level.

App Guru Rating 85%


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