Wild West Heroes

Wild West Heroes

Developer: Wild West Heroes

Wild West Heroes

Wild West Heroes

Developer: GOAT Games

Wild West Heroes
GOAT Games
Role Playing
Android, iOS
Gunfights and horseback shoot-outs come to mobile as you round up your heroes for epic battles in this Western themed mobile RPG.

Wild West Heroes Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 8 Dec, 2020

1. The Basics of Wild West Heroes

Wild West Heroes is a new role playing mobile game set in the Wild West. You’ll collect heroes, participate in epic battles, and build your town. Follow our guide below to become the best in the Wild West! Wild West Heroes Screenshot 1

2. Collect your Heroes

Wild West Heroes contains more than 60 heroes – each with unique appearances and abilities – that you can recruit to fight against the myriad of outlaws scattered all around the land. Heroes are divided into many categories, with each category indicating what the hero’s type is and how they should be used during battle. For instance, heroes are segregated into several roles and each role is to be a meant as a frontline defender (tank), a damage dealer (DPS), or a buffer and or healer (support). Heroes can be individually levelled up to make them more powerful against enemies. Aside from having their level increased, they can also be further strengthened by equipping various gear (i.e. guns, headgear) and by riding certain horses that will give them specific stat boosts.

3. Danger in the Old West

To tame the Wild West, you must venture the entirety of it and eliminate outlaws who stand in the way. This is what you’ll experience in the game’s long but thrilling campaign. The campaign takes place in a large map composed of multiple areas. Each area consists of levels where you engage in intense shootouts against cold-blooded bandits and other hostiles. Additionally, you can also hunt notorious outlaws by taking on bounties in Calamity Canyon. The bounties progressively become more difficult to accomplish as you move from one bounty to the next. Make sure your heroes are strong enough to defeat the infamous criminals in order to win rewards. Wild West Heroes Screenshot 2

4. The Shootouts

Being an idle RPG, Wild West Heroes does not let you directly fight enemies. Instead, your heroes will engage in thrilling shootouts against outlaws for you; however, it is your job to make sure that they win each gunfight. Before starting a gunfight, you need to deploy the right heroes for the job. You’ll be fighting against plenty of hostile gunslingers and your heroes can use their Grit Skill – their most powerful attack – to deal a massive decrease to the enemies’ health bars. Be careful though as enemies also have their own Grit Skills that they can use against you. Wild West Heroes Screenshot 3

5. Building your Town

Your town is the safe haven that is shielded from the danger of the Wild West. There are multiple buildings that you can construct and each of the buildings generates a specific resource after a certain amount of time, even while you are offline. And what is amazing is that the construction of buildings, as well as their respective upgrades, is instant and does not take an annoying amount of time to complete. Full customization is possible with your town as you can freely move buildings and decorative items like trees anywhere on the map. You can even reorient buildings to ensure that they are aligned with the roads.

Final Word

Follow our guide above and you’ll running the Wild West in no time. Good luck out there cowboy.

Gameplay Video

Overall Tips

  • Focus on collecting heroes
  • Upgrade and build your town

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