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Genies & Gems

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Match-3 Puzzle
Thieves have stolen the palace treasure! Help Jenni the genie and her fox, Trix as they journey through magical worlds recovering lost relics, gold bars and enchanted keys.


Gameplay 92%

Genies & Gems is your typical Match-3 mobile puzzle game, but it has a few differences from most games that give it a more unique experience. You have gems of 5 different colors, green, blue, orange, yellow and red. You touch the gem you want to move, and switch places with another one by dragging your finger up, down, left or right.The objective here is not to get points and reach a certain score, but to collect treasure hidden below glass floors, dig out gold and help a magical fox get to a treasure, all by making matches, be it horizontally, vertically, or matching 4 gems in a square shape. Genies n Gems Screenshot 1   If you make a big match, you get a Special Gem. If you make a 4 match, you get a Explosive Line, a gem with an horizontal or vertical white line on it, that when matched, destroys a whole row or column. If you make a 5 match, you get a Bomb Gem, that when matched, it makes its sorrounding gems disappear. There’s also an X-Gem, that explodese in diagonal lines. And finally there’s the Butterfly Gem, that you get by making Square Matches. When you use it, a magic butterfly appears and goes to an important space to destroy the gem there. There are Gems that you can’t make, but just fall down on the grid while playing. In Treasure Missions, you see “paw gems”, which make the fox advance a step towards the treasure, and you win the level when you match enough paws to reach it. There’s also a Rainbow Gem, that destroys all gems of the same color of the gem it was switched with. Finally there’s a Super Cross Item, that makes a whole row and column disappear, you buy it at the in-game store. On every level you have a limited number of moves, but you can get 5 more when you lose by exchanging Golden Coins. When you win, the moves you have left will turn gems into explosive ones and create bonus matches for an extra score. You can get from 1 to 3 Stars Rank, so you may try the same level again later on for a new record.

Graphics 90%

Genies & Gems features colorful 2D art. The fox is nicely animated, and on the world map you can see other animals such as tigers and birds, and silhouetes of people moving around. The genie is not animated, but you see her in many of the game’s menus and she looks really nice. Genies n Gems Screenshot 2   The grid is mostly just a checkers board, and the background is a blurred arabic setting, that could’ve look better, but it seems it was made like that so it doesn’t distract from the action. The gems don’t have animation themselves, but you can see they have added glow and sparkling effects, and when you haven’t make a match in a while, 3 gems that can be lined up will grow in size, along with a distinctive tune to catch your attention. When you make a match and the fallen gems line up creating “cascades”, you’ll see shiny text appear saying things like “Genie-ous” or “You’re a Gem”, they have a nice design and have like a “lens flare” added look. Other nice animations are when you dig out gold or find hidden treasure below glass, items become big, move around and go to your counter on the left part of the screen. It’s also worth mentioning that tutorials at the beginning of some levels are presented in great quality and show you exactly what you must do. You can’t skip the animation until is completed at least once, and you can choose to look the tutorials again at a later time.

Production Quality 82%

Genies & Gems has a nice presentation, and it has everything you’d expect from a Match-3 puzzle made by a high quality developer, but besides the great visuals, and some Special Items not so commonly seen in the genre, it just doesn’t offer anything really unique. Genies n Gems Screenshot 3   The arabic setting is certainly not used much in this kind of games, but gameplay wise, is mostly the same as most popular puzzles. It can get quite addictive, and everything is relly taken care of, fans of the genre won’t be disappointed, but it just feels like you’ve played this before. Still, it can be quite addictive, and challenging by level 20, but you may leave it at that since there’s isn’t a unique “hook” in this game. Maybe if it had RPG elements like leveling up your fox, or boss fights, or if it told an actual story it could drive players more into its universe, but how it is now, it’s a generic puzzle, with pretty graphics.

Value for your Money 80%

Genies & Gems is free to play on Google Play and the Apple App Store, you won’t see any banner advertising or video ads, but you can buy golden coins to get Special Items and extra lives. One dollar for 25 in-game coins may be a little expensive, considering that’s what 5 extra turns when you lose cost, but if you try hard enough, you should be able to beat every level without spending a dime.

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Genies & Gems doesn’t really offer anything much different from most popular games of the same genre, everything you’d come to expect from a big mobile developer is here, the gameplay is simple, the visuals are nice, and it sure can become addictive after a few levels, but if you’ve played many puzzle, you’ll notice it really doesn’t offer anything unique, and you may stop playing after half an hour. Still, if you enjoy the genre, here’s an option to try out now, it’s free. Pros
  • Great 2D Visual Art and Animation
  • Mission Objectives change to give it more variety
  • There are many Special Gems to create and Items to use
  • Feels like something you’ve played before

Game Help Guru Rating 89%

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