Wordbrain Themes: Update

Wordbrain Themes

by: MAG Interactive
Wordbrain Themes is the follow up to the hit game Wordbrain. Things are a bit different this time around though! Each puzzle has a theme, like Music, or Family. All the words of the puzzle fit into that theme. It’s a really fun game and there are heaps of levels which will give you many hours of gameplay. The developer changes the game from time to time, plus even though there are only 5 puzzles per theme to play, it seems that there is a larger set that exists and then are randomly shown to different users, so have a look at the thumbnails in each group, and if the answer is not there, it would be great if you could list the letters and or answer to help out other users. When listing outall the letters, start in the top left and go row by row. Or if they add a new group into a difficulty just leave a comment on the main game page. Thanks for your help!


We’ve just updated the answers for Wordbrain Themes. We’ve added video solutions for almost all the levels! Click below to check them out!

Wordbrain Themes Answer Page



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