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Developer: Maxim Karpenko

Maxim Karpenko
PC, Android, iOS
Create your own virtual world and watch civilization grow. Then blow it all up with a nuke. That's WorldBox in a nutshell. In this game, you are god.

WorldBox Guide – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

This post was written by Nick Schaer on 28 Dec, 2019

1. The Basics of WorldBox

WorldBox is a unique sandbox game that lets you play god. You can craft the perfect world using various forms of elements (mountains, oceans, sand, etc) and then fill it with creatures, humans, even orcs! If you wanted to, you could completely reenact Middle Earth with a Lord of the Rings battle. Why? Because the various NPCs that you can populate your world with will fight each other for control if you let them. You are in control, but a very smart AI will freely make decisions based on what you allow. And if you aren’t happy with them.. you have many options for disposing of them. From lightning, to nuclear bombs, to antimatter, to aliens. Follow our guide below to build the best civilizations. WorldBox Screenshot 1

2. What a Civilization Needs

As soon as you start placing humans or any of the other races, civilizations (villages) will form. For the sake of this article, we are using humans. Some humans will branch off and start their own villages. Others will stay put in a current village and will help it grow. You’ll see them cutting down trees, and building houses. Houses and town-halls are the two main buildings that you’ll see pop up sooner or later. Each of these has a different tier, the higher the tier the more advanced the building, and with that advancement comes a new style or look to represent the new age your civilization has progressed too. As god, you will need to provide stone, gold, and other resources for them to gather. Give them enough gold, and you’ll see them improve their homes.

3. Traits

Your creatures have various random straits viewable when you scan them with the microscope. Some might become crippled after war. Some will have different ambitions if they become leaders (or even king). While some will gain immortality by striking them with lightning.. try out and play around with the game world to see all of these secret traits. WorldBox Screenshot 2

4. Reshape the World to Your Liking

In WorldBox, nothing is stopping you from making the world your own. Reshape the world as you see fit. Raise mountains, flood islands with water, or even raise a volcano. It’s crucial to remember every action has an affect on the world. So remember to be careful if you are going to drop acid rain down onto your humans. Likewise if you build a volcano, you’ll need to drop some rain to put out all those fires, and turn the lava into stone. Play around with the different elements to see what happens. WorldBox Screenshot 3

5. Goal? What Goal?

In WorldBox there is no goal. Whatever you want to accomplish is your goal. There are plenty of fun achievements to be had, but the best part of the game is to create a massive civilization, and support it. Sure you can nuke it just for fun, but watching a 200+ city come to life from it’s village roots, and seeing a new king installed in that city is something really amazing.

Final Word

With WorldBox your imagination is your best tool. Create the best world as you see it, and support your citizens with plenty of resources to watch them grow!

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Overall Tips

  • Be sure to drop down plenty of resources
  • View the information screens about your citizens
  • Craft the world to your liking

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