Gunslugs (1002120): Walkthroughs, Answers, Cheats, Codes, Achievements

Gunslugs: Cheats, Codes & Achievements

Support, tip and tricks: http://www.orangepixel.net/forum/ Subscribe to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: http://orangepixel.net/subscribe ------------------- Gunslugs is the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on any platform! Non-stop action from the guys behind Meganoid, Meganoid 2 and Stardash ! We grabbed a bunch of expendable action hero's from the 80s and we made them team up as the Gunslugs to fight the war against the always evil Black Duck Army. Can you save the planet? maybe even the universe? FEATURES * Random level generation - no 2 game sessions will be the same! * Unlockable characters * Thumping sound track * Fun variation of weapons * Tank driving! * Jetpack flying! * Secret levels * Objectives/achievements * Destruction * Chaos * Rain, snow, and big bad hell worms * Wizards, princesses, geeks, voodoo priests and many more surprises... ! - Two player co-op mode is supported by use of the BT controllers, Wiimotes, OUYA controllers and more, check http://orangepixel.net/gunslugs for more info ** BUGS if you run into problems or the game wont work on your device, instead of just rating 1 star, you could help us fix it by providing feedback! Xperia PLAY Optimized MOGA controller supported Green Throttle controller supported NVidia Shield supported Supports WiiMotes, and a host of bluetooth controllers, just connect and play! +Google Play Game services
Cheats, Codes, Achievements
Google Play Achievements
Collect 150 coins
Grab energy drink
Blow up 4 dudes at once
Locate the arcade !
Score 2000 points
Score 1000 points
Kill 5 skulls in one mission
Complete bootcamp
Drive over 10 dudes with a tank
Get your train ticket and ride.. or run
Collect 100 coins
Collect 175 coins in one game
Collect 75 coins
Complete Hell with BA
Complete Hell with Sarge
Complete mission 1.1
Complete mission 1.2
Complete mission 1.3
Complete mission 2.1
Complete mission 2.2
Complete mission 2.3
Complete mission 3.1
Complete mission 3.2
Complete mission 3.3
Complete mission 4.1
Complete mission 4.2
Complete mission 4.3
Complete mission 5.1
Complete mission 5.2
Complete mission 5.3
Kill 5 guys from cover
Make a chopper crash
Kill a chicken, and spread some eggs!
Score 500 points
Chain explosion of 2
Deactivate your first beacon
Take a jetpack ride
Grab a new weapon
Kill 10 guys with grenades
Blowup a death worm
Destroy 5 hell tanks in one game
Destroy four mechballs
Kill 10 guys in a mission
Drive over 5 dudes with a tank
Air kill a dude
Kill 50 guys in one mission
Find "a" princess
Chain explosion of 3
Rescue B.A. Baracuda
Rescue Sarge
Rescue Sly Rocko
Rescue Sonya
Rescue Willis KiYay
Find the sketch world!
Kill a flying fire skull
Blow up 2 dudes at once
Collect 125 coins in one game
Score 2500 points
Take cover rookie!
Drive a tank
Find the voodoo priest
Change the tune using a jukebox
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  1. Jevon
    10 months ago

    what does the Choochoo look like and how do i find it

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