Family Yards

Family Yards
Family, Match 'em and Saga, Simulator
Android, iOS
Family Yards is a Match 3 Saga style game but instead of just travelling a map, the idea is to tend to your garden. The full title of the game is 'Family Yards: Memories Album' because along with tending to the garden you must help the main character Alice to find missing family pictures. This game is quite similar to Gardenscapes although maybe a little less complex.


  1. I’m on level 699 and have completed all tasks required to start a new day. The only thing I haven’t done is the task where I have to invite friends. I don’t invite friends to play games. I get annoyed when Facebook friends send me game requests. Does this mean that I can no longer progress in the game or is there a glitch that needs to be corrected? I’m getting to the point where I am ready to delete the app altogether.

    1. That is really bad Heather. I can’t believe that they force you to invite at 699. Have you got past it yet?

  2. I love family yards but I’m having problems atm
    I will be playing a level then it cuts out and takes me back to my desktop
    Can you sort it out please as its getting annoying

  3. Same thing Amy asked in the star at bottom corner you get a rake or I guess blue and red rockets I’ve tried and not sure how to use them the rake yes but the other one I haven’t figured it out and I’m just wasting them.

  4. Why do i have to invite friends to get past a level. I am not connected to facebook. Is there any point in playing anymore. So frustating when i have so many stars to use

  5. I am on level 983. I also was not allowed to advance without a friend request being accepted on Facebook. I did get one but it took about a week to acknowledge it, And then after a few tasks it did the exact same thing. It won’t let me advance again.

  6. Does anyone know how to reset the game? I’ve clock it and am waiting for new levels but I wanna restart the game and go again,

  7. Hi i need to complete the quest friends park i have 5 friends but i havent been given blue friendies ??? Why

    Thanks Lauren

  8. I am stuck on level 898 because I can’t remember how to make the big pumkin bombs please help I getting very frustrated can’t get past this level

  9. I ‘am having a problem with the game am playing it’s telling me to touch this moving figure and I do and it won’t do anything or let me continue with the game,it’s really upsetting,because I was really enjoying the game.can you tell me what to do.

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